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Äkäslompolo seen from the Ylläs fell.
The shores of Lake Äkäslompolo, 2017.

Äkäslompolo [ˈækæslompolo] is a village in the municipality of Kolari in the Finnish part of Lapland. It is situated next to a lake of the same name, north west of the town of Kolari. Äkäslompolo had 473 inhabitants on December 31, 2017.[1]

Äkäslompolo is, along with Ylläsjärvi, the primary town for the ski resort Yllästunturi, also known as Ylläs for short. The Ylläs ski area has a total of 330 km of cross-country ski tracks, and 61 Alpine ski slopes with 29 ski lifts.[2] In summer Äkäslompolo is popular among hikers, anglers, canoeists, and other outdoor enthusiasts. There are several hotels and many holiday homes in the area.


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