1924 United Kingdom general election in Northern Ireland

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1924 United Kingdom general election in Northern Ireland

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13 seats in Northern Ireland of the 615 seats in the House of Commons
  First party Second party
  James Craig, 1st Viscount Craigavon.jpg Eamon de Valera c 1922-30.jpg
Leader James Craig Éamon de Valera
Party UUP Sinn Féin
Leader since 7 June 1921 October 1917
Leader's seat Did not stand[fn 1] Did not stand[fn 1]
Seats won 13 0
Popular vote 286,895 33,981
Percentage 83.8% 9.9%

The 1924 United Kingdom general election in Northern Ireland was held on 29 October as part of the wider general election in the United Kingdom. There were ten constituencies, seven single-seat constituencies with elected by FPTP and three two-seat constituencies with MPs elected by bloc voting.


The Nationalist Party did not contest this election. The nationalist interest was represented in the election by Sinn Féin, but they failed to win any seats, and the two seats which had been held by the Nationalist Party were won by the Ulster Unionists, so that all MPs in the region were from the same party.

In the election as a whole, the Conservative Party, which included the Ulster Unionists, returned to government with 412 of the 615 seats, and Stanley Baldwin was re-appointed as Prime Minister.

Party MPs Change Uncontested Votes[3] Adjusted votes[a 1] %
Ulster Unionist 13 Increase 2 3 451,278 286,895 83.8
Sinn Féin 0 Steady 0 46,457 33,981 9.9
Northern Ireland Labour Party 0 Steady 0 21,122 6.1
Independent Unionist 0 Steady 0 517 0.2
Total 13 Steady 3 519,374 342,516 100
  1. ^ Votes in constituencies using the bloc voting system are counted as 0.5 each, as each voter had one vote per seat.

MPs elected[edit]

Constituency Party MP
Antrim Ulster Unionist Charles Craig
Ulster Unionist Hugh O'Neill
Armagh Ulster Unionist William Allen
Belfast East Ulster Unionist Herbert Dixon
Belfast North Ulster Unionist Thomas McConnell
Belfast South Ulster Unionist Thomas Moles
Belfast West Ulster Unionist Robert Lynn
Down Ulster Unionist David Reid
Ulster Unionist John Simms
Fermanagh and Tyrone Ulster Unionist Charles Falls
Ulster Unionist James Pringle
Londonderry Ulster Unionist Malcolm Macnaghten
Queen's University of Belfast Ulster Unionist Thomas Sinclair


By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause
Londonderry 29 January 1929 Malcolm Macnaghten UUP Ronald Ross UUP Appointment to High Court of Northern Ireland


  1. ^ a b Sat as an MP for Down in the Northern Ireland Parliament.


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