1964 United Kingdom general election in Northern Ireland

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1964 United Kingdom general election in Northern Ireland

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12 seats in Northern Ireland of the 630 seats in the House of Commons
  First party Second party
Leader Terence O'Neill Tom Boyd
Party UUP NI Labour
Leader since 1963 1958
Leader's seat Did not stand[fn 1] Did not stand[fn 2]
Seats won 12 0
Seat change Steady Steady
Popular vote 401,897 102,759
Percentage 63.2% 16.1%

The 1964 United Kingdom general election in Northern Ireland was held on 15 October with 12 MPs elected in single-seat constituencies using first-past-the-post as part of the wider general election in the United Kingdom.


The Ulster Unionists won all the seats in region, as they had at the previous election.

In the election as a whole, the Conservative Party, which included the Ulster Unionists, led by Sir Alec Douglas-Home, lost their majority, lost power after thirteen years in government. The Labour Party won a narrow majority and Harold Wilson was appointed as Prime Minister.

Party MPs Votes
No. Change No. % Change
UUP 12 Steady 401,897 63.2% Decrease 14.0
NI Labour 0 Steady 102,759 16.1% Increase 8.4
Independent Republican 0 Steady 101,628 15.9% Increase 15.9
Ulster Liberal 0 Steady 17,354 2.7% Increase 2.1
Republican Labour 0 Steady 14,678 2.3% Increase 2.3
Total 12 Steady 638,316 100 Steady

MPs elected[edit]

Constituency Party MP
Antrim North UUP Henry Clark
Antrim South UUP Knox Cunningham
Armagh UUP John Maginnis
Belfast East UUP Stanley McMaster
Belfast North UUP Stratton Mills
Belfast South UUP Rafton Pounder
Belfast West UUP Patricia McLaughlin
Down North UUP George Currie
Down South UUP Lawrence Orr
Fermanagh and South Tyrone UUP Marquess of Abercorn
Londonderry UUP Robin Chichester-Clark
Mid Ulster UUP George Forrest


  1. ^ O'Neill sat as the MP for Bannside in the Northern Ireland Parliament.
  2. ^ Boyd sat as the MP for Belfast Pottinger in the Northern Ireland Parliament.


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