1983 Royal Artillery Barracks bombing

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1983 Royal Artillery Barracks bombing
12-27-05 17 Woolwich Barracks.jpg
The Royal Artillery Barracks in London
LocationWoolwich, South East London, United Kingdom
Coordinates51°29′14″N 0°3′31″E / 51.48722°N 0.05861°E / 51.48722; 0.05861Coordinates: 51°29′14″N 0°3′31″E / 51.48722°N 0.05861°E / 51.48722; 0.05861
Date10 November 1983
Unknown (GMT)
Attack type
Time bomb
PerpetratorProvisional Irish Republican Army

On 10 December 1983 a bomb exploded at the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, South East London. The explosion injured five people and caused minor damage to the building. The bomb exploded in a guard room, leaving a crater 15 feet (4.6 m) deep. A Christmas party was underway in the Sergeants' Mess, around 300 yards (270 m) away, when the bomb exploded. The Scottish National Liberation Army claimed responsibility for the bombing, stating that "more will follow",[1] although Scotland Yard believed that the IRA were behind the attack.[2][3] The IRA later admitted responsibility for the attack.[4]

In November 1974 a pub close to the barracks which was popular with local soldiers was bombed by the IRA in which a soldier and a barman were killed and over 30 people were injured.[5] In May 2013 a soldier from the barracks was murdered just outside the base.

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