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1C Company
Private company
IndustryComputer Software, Cloud Computing, Video Games, Business Process Outsourcing, Education
Key people
Boris Nuraliev (Founder & CEO)
Revenue$650 million[2] (2016)
65,000,000 United States dollar (2010) Edit this on Wikidata
Website1c.ru 1c.com

1C Company (Russian: Фирма «1С», [ˈfʲirmə ɐˈdʲin ˈɛs]) is an independent software developer, distributor and publisher with headquarters in Moscow, Russia. It develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, related services and video games.

In Russia, 1C is considered a leader in business software for its comprehensive business software suite 1С:Enterprise (Russian: 1С:Предприятие, 1C:Predpriyatie)[3].

1C is known as a video game developer and publisher. Most popular titles produced by the company are Il-2 Sturmovik, King’s Bounty, Men of War and Space Rangers series. 1C acts as a publisher for dozens of independent developers and has produced over 100 videogame titles.

1C is also the official distributor of 100+ software vendors.

By the decision of Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) the trademark ‘1C’ is considered ‘well known’ on the territory of the Russian Federation since 1 January of 2006[4].

The company has over 1200 employees. 1С Company operates through wide network of 10 000+ business partners in 25 countries, including 7000+ 1C franchise authorized software integrators & VARs and 400+ authorized training centers.  

1C Company is also developing its 1C:Accounting outsourcing service (Russian: 1С:БухОбслуживание, 1С:BuhObslugivanie) – a 500+ partner network offering services like accounting, taxation, payroll, etc.


1C was founded in 1991 by Boris Nuraliev in Moscow, Russia. In 1992, the company published 1C:Accounting, a bookkeeping software. The simplicity, wealth of customization options and its reach through the wide network of dealers, who were entitled to 50% of the sales income, made it possible for the 1C:Accounting software to become the most widespread accounting program across Russia and the former USSR states.[5]

In 1996 the released the first version of the 1C:Enterprise platform designed for the comprehensive and targeted automation of processes within companies. The software implementation was handed over to a partnered franchise network founded specifically for this purpose. The first game distributed by 1C was launched in retail (Pilot Brothers, based on a famous Russian animation movie).

In 1999, version 7.7 of 1C:Enterprise was released. 1C got over 40% of the accounting software market share in Russia.

In 1999, the first game developed by 1C was published - Konung: Legends of the North. 1C also acquired MaddoxGames company.

In 2001, 1C released IL-2 Sturmovik, the first AAA video game developed in Russia.

In 2006, 1C announced that their trademark was considered "well-known" by Rospatent.[6]

In 2008 1C declared its plan of transforming into a large multisectoral holding company. Part of its growth strategy was establishing joint ventures with leading and promising enterprises within the IT industry.[7]

In May 2005, 1C bought Cenega Publishing, a Prague-based publisher and distributor. This arm was rebranded 1C Publishing EU in May 2007.[8] 1C Publishing EU uses the trade name 1C Entertainment since late 2018.[9]

In 2008, 1C declared it would become a holding company, stating it would establish joint ventures with companies within the IT industry.[10] In October 2011, Baring Vostok Capital Fund acquired a 9% stake of 1C.[11]

In 2011, 1C:Enterprise 8.3 was released, with cloud service on Windows, Linux, and Mac as well as on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. The same year, the software as a service platform 1CFresh.com was set up, allowing 1C: Enterprise to use the cloud environment.


Most famous business applications[edit]

• 1С:ERP 2 An integrated solution for management of core business processes[12]

• 1С:Corporate Performance Management Planning, accounting, and performance monitoring for holdings and corporations

• 1С:Document Management (ECM) Automates document flow, both paper and electronic, for businesses and public institutions.

• 1C:Accounting Universal bookkeeping and tax calculation software with Russian Accounting Standards-compliant reporting. In 2018 a new IAS-compliant version was released.

1C:Accounting – the most popular accounting software in Russia. According to various estimates, the software is used by 80-90% of Russian companies. [13]

• 1C:Trade Management Solution for operations and management accounting, analysis, and planning. It automates trade, financial, and warehouse operations, elevating wholesale and retail companies.

• 1С:Retail Automated retail outlet and store accounting, including retail networks.

• 1С:Payroll and HR Management Payroll calculation and HR management

• 1С:AccountingSuite All-in-one business application combining accounting, cloud banking, order management, inventory, project and time tracking

• 1C:Drive An out-of-the-box solution for small trade, manufacturing, and service businesses

1C:Enterprise platform[edit]

The 1C:Enterprise platform is a rapid business application development tools. 1C:Enteprise uses a Domain Driven Design approach to provide the specific tools needed to develop business software. All code-based development is done using a high-level domain-specific language, the source code is genuinely open. 1C:Enterprise platform allows create applications for different operation systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and use its as a Cloud services or On-premise. Considered as an alternative development tools instead of the С language family and other integrated development environments (IDE).[14]

Video games[edit]

1C-SoftClub at IgroMir 2010
1C's PlayStation Lounge at IgroMir 2010

1C began distributing third party games in 1996. In 1997, they published Konung: Legends of the North, which was the best-selling title in Russia during September 1999. 1C also developed the IL2-2 Sturmovik series of combat flight simulators. The company has also developed other games such as Theatre of War, several entries in the Men of War franchise, and Royal Quest.

1C is also a video game distributor, having publishing titles from Activision Blizzard, Bethesda Game Studios, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. 1C owns two local distribution companies, 1C-SoftClub (Russian: 1С-СофтКлаб, formerly known as SoftClub) and the previously independent Russian company Buka Entertainment (Russian: Бу́ка). 1C also owns video games retail chain named 1C-Interest (Russian: 1С Интерес) with scores of stores in various cities of Russia.

Business software and cloud services[edit]

1С:Enterprise business software suite is used for management and business accounting automation in more than 2,000,000 organizations, including major corporations and governmental entities. This system is number one in the Russian ERP market with the largest number of automated workplaces.

Measured by installations, 1C is the leader, with about 5 million users [15]. 83% of ERP workplaces in Russia is now handled by automated processes developed by 1C. [16]

1C:Enterprise consists of two parts: 1C:Enterprise platform and business applications (1C Applied Solutions). 1C:Enterprise platform (framework) is for rapid development, deployment and flexible customization of business automation applications in the cloud, mobile and classic desktop environments. It is suitable to build scalable applications for small, medium and large organizations. [17]

1C:Enterprise, version 8 was released in 2004 and all following versions were called 1C:Enterprise 8. The current version of 1C:Enterprise platform is 8.3.16. [18]

Business applications running on the platform include a variety of out-of-the-box or custom solutions for small and medium businesses, as well as for enterprise customers including ERP and CPM-class solutions for manufacturing, trade, logistics, inventory, accounting, finance management, payroll&HR, document management and over 1000 more solutions for different business tasks and industries.

Application solutions are developed by 1C Company and their partners, have open-source code format for customization of business logic by any developer mostly, but authors of solution can close some modules.

1CFresh - a technology to develop, publish and manage cloud solutions and services developed based on 1C:Enterprise supporting multitenancy. 1CFresh.com – “1C:Enterprise through Internet”, an on-line service combines several cloud applications developed by 1C Company based on 1C:Enterprise and 1CFresh technology.


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