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1P78 is one of the newer optics (telescopic sight) to be supplied to the Russian Armed Forces. With a magnification of 2.8 it is similar to the Trijicon Acog, and the PO 3.5x21P[1] because it can point and shoot without adjustments, making it a very effective optic. This is the very reason why it is replacing the standard issue PSO-1 currently being used in large numbers by the Russian military.


The 1P78-1 weighing at 1.1 lbs it has a very good field of view providing an excellent birds eye of the battlefield.[2] Making this the standard issue sight for the infantry riflemen in the Russian Military. Like many Russian sights it has a rubber eye cup for eye care, and also has an orange/yellow coating implemented to reduce eye strain and to enhance clarity, which is severely important for the design of a scope. The scope is illuminated by tritium meaning that there aren't any batteries or circuits. It is permanently on and the operator doesn't have to worry about anything. When light levels are high the reticle appears black, but as light levels darken the tritium goes into action and illuminates as it gets darker. The darker it is, the more visible the illumination is. This sight is on the more modern side when it comes to Soviet/Russian sights. It is a very simple, yet smart design.[2]


This sight is based on the 400 meter concept, so if an operator shot from a distance of 100 meters, the bullet point of impact would be 22–25 centimeters higher than your intended point of impact. The largest chevron is intended for ranges from 0 to 400 meters. Inside the center chevron lies a dot that was implemented to be used against targets that are 500 meters from the operator. The 2nd and 3rd chevrons are for targets that are 600 and 700 meters away. While this scope does not have the range calculating system that the PSO implements it is possible to use the dimensions of the hash marks to calculate range.[2]


This sight does not come with a floating element like the PSO and other magnified Russian optics. Mainly due to the fact that this scope is not intended for marksman applications. It is the traditional Russian chevron system, that has a glowing tritium system, which is a fairly new system. It has a simple way of calculating range, making it a sufficient platform.[2]

Mounting system[edit]

The 1P78 is centered over the bore of the weapon and has a reasonable height. Making it similar to how the Acog works. It has an adjustable len cap that can rotate freely that incorporates a spring-loaded detent that keeps it from wiggling around. Adjusting the height of this platform is very easy and takes very little effort. It does block the iron sights when mounted and can be dismantled from the side mount very quickly and easily. The simpleness and convince of this mounting system makes this scope a very combat effective and practical system.[2]


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