1 Combat Engineer Regiment

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1 Combat Engineer Regiment
1er Régiment du génie de combat
Royal Canadian Engineers
BranchCanadian Army
TypeCombat engineers
Part of1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
Garrison/HQCFB Edmonton
EngagementsOperation Enduring Freedom

1 Combat Engineer Regiment (1 CER, French: 1er Régiment du génie de combat) is a Regular Force regiment of the Royal Canadian Engineers (RCE) commanded by a lieutenant-colonel. Its headquarters is in the Patton Building at CFB Edmonton (Steele Barracks), Alberta, and it is assigned to 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group.


Sub-unit Size Composition
Regimental Headquarters 50 Command Team (CO, DCO, RSM, Adjt) Headquarters Troop (Ops & Training, Signals, Drivers, Library, RSM ass't. )
11 Field Squadron 60 Squadron Headquarters, Field Troops (stood down in 2016)
12 Field Squadron 70 Squadron Headquarters, Field Troops
13 Armoured Squadron 60 Squadron Headquarters, Armoured Troops, EOD Troop
15 Combat Support Squadron 80 Squadron Headquarters, Heavy Equipment Troop, Resource Troop, Construction Troop, Dive Troop
18 Administration Squadron 120 Squadron Headquarters, Orderly Room, Padre, Maintenance Troop, Logistics Troop, Family Support Services

Armoured engineers[edit]

1 CER is different from other CME units as it holds an armoured engineer capability in its Badger Armoured Engineer Vehicle (AEV)[1]


1 CER had been continually involved with rotations to Afghanistan as part of the ongoing War on Terror. Due to the regiment's special armoured engineer capability, every Canadian rotation since 2006 had a minimum of an armoured troop from 1 CER attached.

As of the start of 2011, 1 CER had six soldiers killed in Afghanistan.[2]

A note on the name[edit]

Like most Canadian Forces units, the designation the regiment is only known as "1 Combat Engineer Regiment" and not "1st Combat Engineer Regiment".

Order of precedence[edit]

Preceded by
First in precedence of Canadian Military Engineers
1 Combat Engineer Regiment Succeeded by
*2 Combat Engineer Regiment


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