9 September massacres

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The 9 September massacres were two series of massacres of prisoners at Versailles on 9 September 1792 during the French Revolution. They occurred in the context of the September Massacres. Claude Fournier was accused of complicity in them. Those killed included Charles d'Abancour, Claude Antoine de Valdec de Lessart and Louis Hercule Timoléon de Cossé-Brissac.


The prisoners of Orléans[edit]

Plaque in the carrefour des Quatre-Bornes
Fournier l'Américain is here formally accused !

The prisoners of Versailles[edit]

Plaque at the entrance to the écuries de la Reine

The same evening, the assassins returned to the écuries de la Reine, which had become Versailles' prison, to carry out another massacre of 30 prisoners there.

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