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The Atelier-Théâtre Burkinabé (ATB) is a Burkinabé theatre group which practises "theatre for development".


The ATB was founded on June 18, 1978, by Prosper Komparoré.[1] Inspired by his Komparoré's own heritage, and by the forum theatre technique of Brazilian playwright Augusto Boal, the ATB focuses on the participation and creativity of the audience.[2] The audience are encouraged to take part in debates following the productions, where they critique the actors' performances and create different scenarios.[2] The theme of the productions generally revolve around economic, social, technical or cultural development and are known as "social theatre" or "theatre for development".[1] The group established a permanent headquarters in Ouagadougou in June 1991.[1]

The ATB is made up of volunteer actors, and includes children, who are taught by adult actors.[1] Every year, the ATB produces about 10 plays in major cities, and approximately 30 forum theatre pieces in towns and villages.[1] In 1999, Komparoré opened a centre for theatrical arts at the ATB for the purpose of training animateurs and entrepreneurs.[3] They also collaborate with other theatre groups and organisations including the National Federation of Forum Theatre (FNTF).[1]

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