Austrian Netherlands kronenthaler

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Burgundian Cross with 4 crowns
Eagle and arms
Maria Theresia Kronenthaler in 1770

The kronenthaler was the currency of the Austrian Netherlands since 1755. It was equivalent to 216 liards, 54 sols, 54 stuivers, or 2.7 gulden.[1] During the Brabant Revolution in the Austrian Netherlands in 1789–90, it was briefly replaced with a short-lived revolutionary currency. Following the French occupation of the Austrian Netherlands in 1794, the Kronenthaler was replaced by the French franc.

Though legally valued at just 2.675 gulden in the Netherlands and 2.64 gulden several Southern German states, its acceptance at these places for 2.7 gulden created havoc in the valuations of the Dutch gulden and the South German gulden; see Kronenthaler.

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