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Prince of Siam
Prince of Phichai
Born(1882-09-13)13 September 1882
Grand Palace
Bangkok, Siam
Died11 November 1909(1909-11-11) (aged 27)
Bangkok, Siam
SpousePrincess Vanna Vilaya Kritakara
IssuePrincess Banna Benkae Kritakara
Prince Baobenbadhana Benbadhana
HouseBenbadhana family (Chakri Dynasty)
FatherChulalongkorn (Rama V)
MotherMorakot Benyakul

Benbadhanabongse, Prince of Phichai (Thai: เพ็ญพัฒนพงศ์; RTGSPhenphatthanaphong; 13 September 1884 – 11 November 1909) was a Prince of Siam, a member of the Siamese Royal Family (later Thailand). He originated the House of Benbadhana (ราชสกุลเพ็ญพัฒน์). He was a son of Chulalongkorn, King Rama V of Siam.


Prince Benbadhanabongse was born on 13 September 1882, in the compound of the Grand Palace, Bangkok. He was the 38th of King Chulalongkorn and The Noble Consort (Chao Chom Manda) Morakot Phenkul, daughter of Lord (Phraya) Mahindrasakdi Dhamrong and Dame (Thanpuying) Hunn Phenkul. He had an elder sister; Princess Chudharatana Rajakumari.

He graduated from the agricultural studies from United Kingdom in 1903, while he was only 19 years old. After graduating, he began working as the secretary officer, Ministry of Education. In 1902, King Chulalongkorn promoted the country's silk-silverware and weaving industry. He hired Dr. Kametaro Toyama from University of Tokyo, for teaching and training Siamese students to do the academic silk and weaving activities in the way of the Japanese culture. He trained the student of taking care of the silk-pillows, which ready for weaving. King Chulalongkorn established the Silk-weaving pillow Station in the sub-district of Sala-Daeng, which let to be in control of the Ministry of Education. Later on 30 September 1903, the ministry included the productive division, the division of animal husbandry, and the silk-weaving pillow station, created as Department of silk tectnecians. Prince Benbadhanabongse became the first director of the department.

The main responsibility of the Department of silk technecians was on the project of the School of Sericulture, which was established on November 1903 at Dusit Palace. On 16 January 1904, there was another School of Sericulture in Pathum Wan, for the purpose of creating a specialist research and training of Thai employees. Later this school developed into the current Kasetsart University.

Prince Benbadhanabongse was given the royal title from his father as Kromma Muen Phichai Mahintharodom, or translated as The Prince of Phichai on 2 October 1904. He was given the rank of Kromma Meun, the fifth level of the Krom ranks.

Prince's life[edit]

Prince Benbadhanabopngse was interested in the Thai music instruments. He was able to play almost every type of musical instrument. He created the Thai classical music band Prince Ben's band. After returning from England, he visited Chiang Mai. He met the Chiang Mai princess, Princess Chomchuen of Chiang Mai, daughter of Prince Sambandhavongse Dharmalanka of Chiang Mai and Princess Ghamyon of Lamphun. They began a relationship. Then he requested the governor of Chiang Mai to negotiate with Prince Sambandhavongse about the marriage possibility. But the proposal had been rejected. Prince Sambandhavongse did not allow his daughter to be married with the Siamese prince. So they did not have a chance to get married. This brought about profound sadness to the prince.

He began composing the song called, Lao Duang Duen in loving memory to his loved one. He always performed this song whenever he missed the Princess of Chiang Mai.

Later King Chulalongkorn prepared the marriage between the Prince and Princess Vanna Vilaya Kritakara, daughter of Krisdabhinihara, Prince Nares Voraridhi on 30 June 1903. The couple had 2 children;

  • Princess Barnabenkhae Benbadhana (11 September 1905 – 1 July 1974) later relinquished the royal title, and married Mom Rajawongse Banluesakdi Kritakara, had a son and 2 daughters
  • Prince Baobenbadhana Benbadhana (9 May 1906 – 10 January 1960) married Mom Luang Bochitra Patamasingha, had 2 sons.

Benbadhanabongse died away on 11 November 1909, at the age of 27.[citation needed]

Royal decorations[edit]


Ancestor of Prince Benbadhanabongse, Krom Meun Pichai Mahintarodom
Prince Benbadhanabongse, the Prince Pijaya Mahindrarodom Father:
Chulalongkorn, King Rama V of Siam
Paternal Grandfather:
Mongkut, King Rama IV of Siam
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Buddha Loetla Nabhalai, King Rama II of Siam
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Queen Sri Suriyendra
Paternal Grandmother:
Queen Debsirindra
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Prince Sirivongse, the Prince Matayabidaksa
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Mom Noi Sirivongs na Ayudhya
Chao Chom Manda Morakot Phenkul
Maternal Grandfather:
Phraya Mahindrasakdi Dhamrong
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Lord (Khun) Chinda Pichitra
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Mon Phenkul
Maternal Grandmother:
Thanpuying Hun Phenkul
Maternal Great-grandfother:
Phraya Nakornindra Ramanya
Maternal Great-grandmother: