Days of Military Honour

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A Russian Military Honour Parade on Red Square in November 2018.

The Days of Military Honour (Russian: Дни воинской славы, dni voinskoy slavy) are special memorable dates in the Russian Armed Forces dedicated to the most outstanding victories won by Russia. Some of these dates are state holidays but the majority of them is celebrated purely in the armed forces, while 7 November is marked by parades in Moscow and Samara.

The Days of Military Honour include:

For events before 1900, these dates do not coincide with the Gregorian dates of the events. Rather, they seem to be based on the Julian calendar, which is still used by the Russian Orthodox Church. For example, the Battle of Borodino (26 August 1812 Julian or 7 September 1812 Gregorian) is commemorated on 8 September Gregorian, which corresponds to 26 August Julian from 1900 to 2099. The Battle of Kulikovo was on 8 September 1380 Julian (Gregorian did not exist, but theoretically 16 September 1380) and is commemorated on 21 September Gregorian, which corresponds to 8 September Julian from 1900 to 2099.


  1. ^ 7 November was a major holiday in the Soviet Union commemorating the October Revolution. In 1941, the troops that took part in the annual parade were sent from the Red Square directly to the front line which was situated less than a hundred kilometers from Moscow.
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