Eamonn Melaugh

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Eamonn Melaugh (born 4 July 1933) is an Irish socialist, political campaigner and activist from Derry, Northern Ireland.

He helped found the Derry Housing Action Committee (DHAC)[1][2] and the Derry Unemployment Action Committee (DUAC)[3] which campaigned for jobs and housing for Derry Catholics.

As a result, Melaugh and the DHAC became involved with the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association in the late 1960s.[4] He later contributed evidence to the Bloody Sunday Inquiry.[5]

He is an active party member of the Workers' Party of Ireland[6] and ran as a candidate for the Workers' Party of Ireland[7] and its predecessor, Republican Clubs/Official Sinn Féin, in various elections in the Foyle constituency.[8]

Personal life[edit]

Melaugh married Mary McLaughlin in 1956; the couple had 11 children, 4 daughters and 7 sons.[9] One son, Martin, curates the University of Ulster's CAIN website.


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