European route E12

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E12 shield
Route information
Length910 km (570 mi)
Major junctions
North-West endMo i Rana, Norway
South-East endHelsinki, Finland
Countries Norway
Highway system
International E-road network
E12 in Parola, Finland
E12 in Norway

European route E12 is a road that is part of the International E-road network. It begins in Mo i Rana, Norway, transverses Sweden and ends in Helsinki, Finland, with a ferry line between Sweden and Finland. The part within Finland is Finnish national highway 3. The road is about 910 km (570 mi) in length.

The road follows the route: Mo i Rana – Storuman, Sweden – Lycksele, Sweden – Umeå, Sweden – Holmsund, Sweden – (ferry)Vaasa, Finland – Tampere, Finland – Hämeenlinna, Finland – Helsinki.

The ferry service between Holmsund and Vaasa is operated by Wasa Line using the M/S Wasa Express, with up to two daily departures in each direction taking about four and a half hours. From spring 2021, a new purpose-built Roll-on/roll-off ferry, the Aurora Botnia, will be launched, reducing the journey time to three hours and fifteen minutes.[1]

A road bridge, known as the Kvarken Bridge has been proposed by parties on both sides of the Gulf, along which the E12 could continue without ferry connections. No commitment has been made to build such a fixed link.[2]

Blue Highway[edit]

The European route E12 from Mo i Rana to Vaasa is part of the Blue Highway, which is an international tourist route from Norway to Russia via Sweden and Finland.



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