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A fender pier is a structure built or attached to protect another structure from damage, such as by ship collision.[1]

IMG 4123 Providence and Worcester bridge.jpg

The structure in the river around the swing span is a fender pier.

Types of fenders[edit]

Many different types of fenders (also known as bumpers) can be used to prevent damage to piers and boats.

Thick padded fenders[edit]

Thick padded bumpers add are typically constructed from a high density foam and vinyl/polyester trilaminate however there are alternatives such as PVC or rubber. This type of bumper is utilized for its long life when attached to a pier though they can be expensive.[2][3]

Post/Piling fenders[edit]

Post/Piling bumpers are attached to piers or docks that have been constructed with logs or cylindrical metal posts as the base of the structure. This type of fender is wrapped around the posts of the pier or dock typically the posts are located on the outside edges and provide a cushion for the main platform while abstaining from damage itself.[3]

Recycled tire fenders[edit]

Recycled tire fenders are seen as the most inexpensive way to provide oneself with pier fenders. The fender is created simply by dangling a tire in a location where ship to pier contact may occur thus providing cushioning/protection for the ship and pier.[2]

Corner fenders[edit]

Listed below are multiple types of coner fenders.

Corner fenders[edit]

This type of corner fender offers "vertical protection" to corners of piers/docks as the fixtures wraps around the corner of the structure offering protection to perhaps the easiest part of the structure to hit.[3]

Lay-flat fenders[edit]

This type of corner fender offers a sleek look that does not protrude or impact the lines of the pier or dock while still offering almost the same protection (does not protect the top face of the corner).[2]


Similar to the Lay-flat fender this fender wraps around the corner of the pier or dock however this type of fender covers the top face in order to offer full protection at the expense of some aesthetics.[2]

Dock wheel[edit]

This fender is a rolling wheel style where a boat can easily slide by without as much jarring impact as it rolls off the wheel they can be mounted anywhere along the span of the dock or pier and are generally applied to corners.[3]


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