Finnish Universal Exhibition

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Finnish Universal Exhibition
Aleksanteri II Teollisuusnäyttelyssä.jpg
BIE-classUnrecognized exposition
NameFinnish Universal Exhibition
Visitors90 000
Organized byJ V Snellman
CountryGrand Duchy of Finland
VenueKaivopuisto Park
Coordinates60°09′25″N 24°57′25″E / 60.15694°N 24.95694°E / 60.15694; 24.95694
Opening1 July 1876
Closuremid September 1876

The first Finnish Universal Exhibition was held in Helsinki in 1876.[1][2] the exhibition had been suggested in 1868, but was impacted by the great famine.[3]

The fair was held at Kaivopuisto Park, led by J.V.Snellman and Theodor Höijeriltä was an architect.[3]


The A5 locomotive at the exhibition

The 1679[3] exhibitors included one showing a Finnish Steam Locomotive Class A5.[4]


Alexander II of Russia, Alexander III of Russia, Maria Alexandrova and Maria Feodorovna visited 2 weeks after the fair opened. 93000 tickets were redeemed.[3]

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