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Everyone contributing to Wikipedia has their own user talk page. On this page, anyone can leave a message for you. People can ask you questions or give you advice. There are also some automated "bots" that can add helpful messages.

When a registered user receives a message, they get a notification at the top of their screen:

Screenshot of talk page notification for logged-in user

Unregistered users on a shared internet connection, like school or home networks, get a shared talk page. If someone leaves an unregistered user a message, the user will see a notification at the top of whichever page they are looking at:

To reply, add a comment below the message on your own user talk page (start with {{ping|theirusername}} to notify them).

Generally, you can find an editor's user talk page by following the link labelled "talk" in their signature, located at the end of their messages. You can always reach their user talk page by clicking on their name in the signature, and then clicking on the "Talk" tab, as you would with an article.