Homes & Gardens

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Homes & Gardens
Editor-in-ChiefDeborah Barker
CategoriesInterior design and garden design
Circulation122,230 (ABC Jul - Dec 2013)
Print and digital editions.
PublisherFuture plc
Year founded1919
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inLondon
WebsiteHomes & Gardens

Homes & Gardens is a British monthly interior design and garden design magazine published by Future plc. The magazine is based in London and has been in circulation since 1919.

History and profile[edit]

The magazine was launched in 1919.[1][2] The magazine is based in London and is published on a monthly basis.[2] It has been edited by Deborah Barker since 2004.[3]

A regular feature in the magazine in the past has been pictorial visits to the homes of prominent public figures. A controversial issue from November 1938 featured an article signed by Ignatius Phayre, detailing a visit to the mountain home of Adolf Hitler at Berghof. The photographs included in the article were taken by Hitler's chief propaganda photographer Heinrich Hoffmann. The rediscovery of this issue of the magazine by Simon Waldman, a journalist on The Guardian newspaper in 2003 led to threats of legal action against Waldman from the then publisher of Homes and Gardens, IPC Magazines.[4]

For the second half of 2013 Homes and Gardens had a circulation of 122,230 copies.[5]


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