Jahangir IV

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Jahangir IV (Persian: جهانگیر‎), was the last ruler of the Paduspanid branch of Kojur. He was the son and successor of Sultan Mohammad ibn Jahangir.


In 1593, Jahangir arrived to the court of Abbas I of Persia, and established good relations with him. However, during a festival in Qazvin, Jahangir killed two prominent Safavid nobles. This made Abbas invade his domains in 1598, where he besieged Kojur. Jahangir managed to flee, but was captured and killed by a Pro-Safavid Paduspanid named Hasan Lavasani, marking the end of the Paduspanid dynasty.


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Preceded by
Sultan Mohammad ibn Jahangir
Paduspanid ruler
Succeeded by
Safavid rule