Jari Tervo

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Jari Tervo
Jari Tervo at the Turku Book Fair 2010.
Jari Tervo at the Turku Book Fair 2010.
Born (1959-02-02) February 2, 1959 (age 62)
Rovaniemi, Finland
GenreProse, Poetry

Jari Tervo (born February 2, 1959) is a Finnish author. He is a major name in current Finnish literature.

He writes traditional plot-driven prose, ranging from humorous (Poliisin poika) to a detective story (Myyrä). His works often include autobiographical elements; for example, Kallellaan is a diary, and Minun sukuni tarina has a protagonist who is the author himself, all but in name. Despite his renown in Finland, only one of his novels have been translated into English: Among the Saints (Pyhiesi Yhteyteen) in 2014.

He was also one of the team captains on Finnish TV's version of Have I Got News For You, Uutisvuoto, from the beginning of the show in 1998 until 2017.



  • The Court of the North (Pohjan hovi, 1992)
  • Policeman's Son (Poliisin poika, 1993)
  • Among the Saints (Pyhiesi yhteyteen, 1995) - published in English in 2014.
  • Windswept Expanse (Tuulikaappimaa, 1997)
  • My Family Chronicle (Minun sukuni tarina, 1999)
  • Kallellaan (2000)
  • Suomemme heimo (2001)
  • Rautapää (2002)
  • The Mole (Myyrä, 2004)
  • Ohrana (2006)
  • Troikka (2008)
  • Koljatti (2009)
  • Layla (2011)


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