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Kevin D. Williamson
Kevin D. Williamson at FreedomFest 2016.jpg
Kevin D. Williamson hosting a FreedomFest panel in 2016
Kevin Daniel Williamson

(1972-09-18) September 18, 1972 (age 46)
Alma mater
OccupationWriter, journalist

Kevin Daniel Williamson (born September 18, 1972) is an American conservative political commentator. He is the roving correspondent for National Review.[2]


Williamson was previously deputy managing editor[3] and theater critic for The New Criterion.[4]

Williamson previously worked at the Mumbai-based Indian Express Group, the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Journal Register Newspapers, and the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University, where he directed the journalism and communication programs, and as an adjunct professor at The King's College.[5] Williamson was the editor of The Bulletin, a former daily newspaper in Philadelphia.[6]

In 2018, Williamson briefly joined The Atlantic; his employment was terminated following public criticism focused particularly on a 2014 Twitter discussion in which he suggested hanging as a criminal punishment for abortion[7][8][9][10][11][12] and his reiteration of this suggestion on his National Review podcast in 2014.[13] Williamson later wrote that his comments had been intended to "mak[e] a point about the sloppy rhetoric of the abortion debate" rather than promote capital punishment,[14] noting that he had previously expressed strong reservations about capital punishment in general.[15]


Williamson is the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism (2011, Regnery),[16] The End Is Near and It's Going to Be Awesome (2013, HarperCollins/Broadside Books),[17][18] The Dependency Agenda (2013, Encounter Books),[19] and The Case against Trump (2015, Encounter Books),[20] and has contributed chapters to The New Leviathan: The State Vs. the Individual in the 21st Century (2013, Encounter Books)[21] and Future Tense: The Lessons of Culture in an Age of Upheaval (2013, Encounter Books).[22]


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