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The Kevin Lynch Award of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Department of Urban Studies and Planning, established in 1988, is named in honor of the urban planner and author Kevin A. Lynch. It is given to individuals or organizations which contribute to research in city form.[1]


Starting in 2014, the awards have been presented in five categories. Earlier awards have been retroactively assigned to these categories.

Past winners:[2]

Technology and Media in City Imaging[edit]

Jennifer Pahlka and Code for America (2014)
Manuel Castells (2001)
Richard Saul Wurman (1991)

Ecological Sustainability in City Form[edit]

Preservation and Change in City Image[edit]

Barnaby Evans and William D. Warner (2003)
Allan Jacobs (1999)
William L. MacDonald (1989)

Justice and Efficiency in City Design[edit]

Urban Events and Ephemera[edit]

Barnaby Evans (2003)
Boston’s First Night (1990)

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