Kevo Strict Nature Reserve

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Kevo Strict Nature Reserve
Location of Kevo.jpg
Map showing the location of Kevo Strict Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Kevo Strict Nature Reserve
Location in Finland
LocationLapland, Finland
Coordinates69°34′51″N 026°42′56″E / 69.58083°N 26.71556°E / 69.58083; 26.71556Coordinates: 69°34′51″N 026°42′56″E / 69.58083°N 26.71556°E / 69.58083; 26.71556
Area712 km2 (275 sq mi)
Governing bodyMetsähallitus

Kevo Strict Nature Reserve (Finnish: Kevon luonnonpuisto) is a strict nature reserve located in Utsjoki, northern Lapland, Finland. It was established in 1956 and covers 712 square kilometres (275 sq mi).

The reserve is a popular backpacking destination due to its canyon-like gorge valley. A central part of the reserve is the 40 kilometres (25 mi) long and, at places, 80 metres (260 ft) deep Kevojoki canyon, on the bottom of which flows the Kevojoki river. It is surrounded by more level fell upland.

Walking in the reserve is only permitted along two marked routes. The Kevo backpacking route is 64 kilometres (40 mi) long and follows the gorge valley. The Kuivi route is 78 kilometres (48 mi) and goes along the fell area. Both routes are difficult and include e.g. many paddle crossings.


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