Kuban-Black Sea Soviet Republic

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Kuban-Black Sea Soviet Republic
Кубано-Черноморская Советская Республика
Republic of the Russian SFSR
CapitalYekaterinodar (now Krasnodar)
 • Coordinates45°02′N 38°58′E / 45.033°N 38.967°E / 45.033; 38.967Coordinates: 45°02′N 38°58′E / 45.033°N 38.967°E / 45.033; 38.967
• 1918
Avran Rubin
• Established
30 May 1918
• Merger
6 July 1918
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kuban Soviet Republic
Black Sea Soviet Republic
North Caucasian Soviet Republic
Full official title was "Chairman of the Central Executive Committee".

The Kuban-Black Sea Soviet Republic (May 30 – July 6, 1918) was part of the Russian SFSR. Its capital was Yekaterinodar.

It was created by merging the Black Sea Soviet Republic and Kuban Soviet Republic. Later, it was itself merged into the North Caucasian Soviet Republic. The leader of the republic was Avran Rubin.