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The Latin Rhythm Airplay chart comprises singles and tracks from artists who represent the Hispanic rhythmic/Hurban genre, which includes Reggaeton, Hispanic R&B/Hip-Hop, Rhythmic Pop/Dance and crossovers from English-language and/or bilingual acts. This chart was introduced in 2005 and came about as a result of radio stations tapping into the growing second and third generation Hispanic audience who wanted a Spanish-speaking or bilingual alternative to the (English-language Mainstream, Rhythmic, and R&B/Hip-Hop) formats that they felt would represent them. In its publication, the chart goes through a rotation and is posted every other week taking place of the Latin Tropical Airplay while the online database is posted every week.

Only a few female artists have been able to reach the top ten of the chart, these include reggaetón singer Ivy Queen, who currently has seven top-ten, two of them number-one singles, Nina Sky, who appeared on Tony Touch's "Play That Song", Latin pop singers Shakira and RBD, and American R&B singers Beyoncé Knowles, Cassie, and Keyshia Cole.[1] Ivy Queen became the first woman to top the chart in 2008, when her single "Dime" reached number one.[2] Jennifer Lopez is the female artist with the most number-ones, with four.[3]

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