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Linnanmäen logo.jpg
LocationHelsinki, Finland
Coordinates60°11′18″N 024°56′25″E / 60.18833°N 24.94028°E / 60.18833; 24.94028Coordinates: 60°11′18″N 024°56′25″E / 60.18833°N 24.94028°E / 60.18833; 24.94028
OwnerLasten Päivän Säätiö
General managerPia Adlivankin
Opened27 May 1950; 71 years ago (1950-05-27)
Operating seasonApril to October
Visitors per yearapprox. 1 million
Area7.5 hectares (19 acres)
Roller coasters8
Water rides1
Aerial view of Linnanmäki in 2008

Linnanmäki (Swedish: Borgbacken, colloquially Lintsi, lit.'Castle Hill') is an amusement park in Helsinki, Finland. It was opened on 27 May 1950 and is owned by non-profit Lasten Päivän Säätiö (Children's Day Foundation), which operates the park in order to raise funds to Finnish child welfare work. In 2019, the foundation donated a total of 4.5 million euros.

Linnanmäki is the most popular amusement park in Finland. It has many rides of different sizes.[1] It also has other attractions, such as arcades, games, kiosks, restaurants and an outdoor stage on which different performers appear in the summer. Annually the park is visited by over 1 million guests.

Linnanmäki derives its name from Vesilinnanmäki (Water Castle Hill), the name locals gave the area in early 1900s since it has two water towers, built in 1876 and 1938, respectively. Nowadays the water towers are no longer operational. The older tower houses a maintenance and storage facility and the newer (pictured) an indoor roller coaster Linnunrata.
Vuoristorata has been the most popular ride in Linnanmäki every year since it opened on July 13, 1951.

The park[edit]

Linnanmäki is located just north of the city center of Helsinki. The park is located on a hill with a nice view of the city. The park feels rather compact and has no discernible theming; the rides and attractions are in close proximity. In addition to the amusement rides the park also contains the Peacock, a historical theatre built in 1957 and known for its musical productions. In addition to the park itself, guests can also visit Sea Life aquarium, which opened in 2002. The park is open from April to October, while the theatre and aquarium are operational throughout the year. The park also featured Linnanmäen museo from 1996 to 2005, a museum facility which located next to the park's main entrance and housed several exhibitions every year.

The park is easily reached from the city by tram nr 3, 8, 9 and bus nr 23.

Rides and attractions[edit]

Linnanmäki currently has 45 rides, along with many other non-ride based attractions. The most notable ride in the park is the wooden roller coaster Vuoristorata, opened in 1951. It is the most recognisable symbol of the park, and was one of the first permanent rides to be built at the park. The oldest ride in Linnanmäki is Karuselli (a carousel), built in 1896.

Linnanmäki has eight roller coasters. Major rides include three tower rides, a ferris wheel, a river rapids ride and spinning rides. The park also has a selection of family and kiddie rides.

Admission to the park is free, and most of the rides can only be ridden with the possession of a ride ticket, or the more popular wristband, which allows the wearer access to all of the park's rides for the entire day. As of 2013, the wristband costs the same for each customer, regardless of height.[2]

Current rides[edit]

Kyöpelinvuoren hotelli, a dark ride and ghost train in Linnanmäki

Roller coasters[edit]

Name Manufacturer / Model Type Opened Notes / Info
Kirnu Intamin / ZacSpin Steel roller coaster, 4th dimension 2007 First compact 4D roller coaster, first 4D roller coaster in Europe.
Linnunrata Zierer / Force Steel roller coaster, enclosed 2000 Custom coaster layout with theme design and construction by APW Group in the UK. Built inside a former water tower. Previously known as Space Express (2000–2003). For season 2016, virtual reality headsets were added to enhance the experience.
Pikajuna Mack Rides / Powered Coaster Powered roller coaster 1990 Custom layout, train engine theme. Previously known as City Express (1990–2003).
Salama Maurer Söhne / Xtended SC 3000 Steel roller coaster, spinning cars 2008 Custom layout, built above existing rapids ride.
Taiga Intamin / Blitz Coaster Steel roller coaster, launched 2019 Launched roller coaster opening for season 2019. Custom layout, is the tallest (52 m), fastest (106 km/h) and longest (1,104 m) roller coaster in Finland. Taiga has two LSM launches, a top hat element and four inversions.[3] The track is located mostly in the area where Vonkaputous once stood, but has elements above Pikajuna and Tulireki, too. The station and queue building is constructed on the former site of Vekkula and Kotkot.
Tulireki Mack Rides / e-Motion Coaster Steel roller coaster 2004 First and only operating E-Motion Coaster model.
Ukko Maurer Söhne / SkyLoop XT 150 Steel roller coaster 2011 Currently the second tallest and fastest roller coaster in Finland.
Vuoristorata Wooden roller coaster, side friction 1951 Designed by Valdemar Lebech, one of seven existing roller coasters to feature brakemen. Received ACE's "Coaster Classic" award in 2001.

Major rides[edit]

Name Manufacturer / Model Opened Notes / Info
Autorata Gebrüder IHLE Bruschal / Autoskooter ES-GP 1964
(renewed 1981, 2007)
Bumper cars, located beneath the ferris wheel, moved to current location in 2007. Current cars installed in 1981.
Hurjakuru Intamin / Rapids Ride 1998 Course is 370 meters long, features 50 meters long tunnel and two water falls.
Kahvikuppikaruselli Mack Rides / Tea Cups 2002 Tea cups carousel.
Kehrä Emiliana Luna Park / Enterprise 2009 First Enterprise made in Italy.
Kieputin HUSS Maschinenfabrik / Top Spin 1994 Repainted for 2009 season. Previously known as Top Spin (1994–2003).
Kingi Moser Rides / Mach Tower 2014 75 meters tall freefall tower, tallest amusement attraction in Finland.
Magia Technical Park / Heavy Rotation 2017 Spinning ride with rising and rotating arm.
Maisemajuna Gebrüder IHLE Bruschal / Monorail 1979 Monorail train circulating the park. Previously known as Monorail (1979–2003).
Mustekala Schwarzkopf / Monster III 1985 Octopus ride, moved to current location in 2010. Previously known as Polyp (1985–2003).
Panoraama Intamin / Gyro Tower 1987 53 meters tall rotating observation tower.
Raketti S&S Power / Space Shot 1999 60 meters tall compressed air driven launch tower. Previously known as Space Shot (1999–2003).
Rinkeli Technical Park / Ferris Wheel 2006 Ferris wheel 32 meters in diameter, replaced old ferris wheel from 1964.
Viikinkilaiva Zierer / Viking 1981 Swinging ship ride, moved to current location in 2002. Previously known as Viking (1981–2003).

Family rides[edit]

Name Manufacturer / Model Opened Notes / Info
Hepparata Gebrüder IHLE Bruschal / Derby 1982 Galloping horse ride, moved to current location in 1998.
HipHop Moser Rides / Spring Ride 2000 Family tower ride, moved to current location in 2004.
Hypytin Zamperla / Sky Tower 2009 Family tower ride.
Karuselli 1954 Carousel built in Germany in 1896.
Ketjukaruselli 1977 Swing carousel, moved to current location in 1998.
Kyöpelinvuoren hotelli Gosetto / Dark Ride 1950
(renewed 1960, 1973, 1978, 1986, 2000, 2006, 2013)
Ghost train, produced by Farmer Attractions Development. The current version opened in 2013, replacing the Schwarzkopf version from 1973. The ghost train attraction has been present at the park since 1950, previously known as Kummitusjuna (1950–1972, 1978–1985, 2006–2012), Satujuna (1973–1977) and Kauhulinna (1986–2005).
Lohikäärme Zierer / Dragon 1998 Oriental themed carousel. Previously known as Dragon (1998–2003).
Pellen talo Gosetto / Fun House 2018 Transportable funhouse mounted on a 16-meter semitrailer. This temporary attraction is installed at the park until new Vekkula funhouse is built. After that the attraction is moved into a Finnish traveling funfair.
Poppis Gosetto / Party Dance 2016 Carousel with joysticks to rotate the gondolas.
Propelli Zamperla / Magic Bikes 2016 Carousel with gondolas that can be elevated by pedaling.
Taikasirkus WGH / Suspended Monorail 2005 Circus-themed dark ride. Produced by Rex Studios in the UK. It replaced Around the World, produced by APW Group in 1997, and uses the same track and cars today.

Kiddie rides[edit]

Name Manufacturer / Model Opened Notes / Info
Helikopteri BN Performance Rides / Elitoys 2006 Helicopter themed tower ride.
Kuuputin Manorplan Leisure / Stellar Swings 2003 Small carousel with lunar theme.
Merirosvolaiva Modern Products / Junior Pirate Ship 1988 Small swinging ship ride. Previously known as Pirate (1988–2003).
Muksupuksu Zamperla / Rio Grande 1967
(renewed 1997, 2007)
Kiddie train ride. Current train installed in 1997. Station renewed in 2007. Original track by Paul Scwingel from 1967. Previously known as Pienoisrautatie (1967–2003).
Pienoiskaruselli Claudio Sartori 1966 Small carousel with automotive theme.
Pilotti Technical Park / Baby Aviator 2010 Kiddie airplane ride.
Rekkaralli Zamperla / Convoy 1995 Convoy truck ride.
Rumpukaruselli SBF Rides / Clown Cups 1991 Small carousel with music theme.
Vankkuripyörä Zamperla / Chuck Wagon 1996 Small ferris wheel with Western theme. Previously known as High Chaparral (1996–2003).


Name Manufacturer Opened Notes / Info
Cinema SimEx-Iwerks 1996
(renewed 2005)
4D virtual reality cinema, current system installed in 2005. Original theatre building from 1996, original seat system was relocated to Wasalandia (2006–2016). The film changes in every two years. Previously known as Virtuaaliteatteri (1996–2001), Lintsi-Kino (2002–2006) and Kino (2007–2015).
Kammokuja Rex Studios 2003 Walkthrough horror attraction, features 3D elements.

Removed rides and attractions[edit]

Name Manufacturer / Model Opened Closed Notes / Info
Apollo Claudio Sartori 1986 1997 Small carousel. Replaced by Pallokaruselli. Relocations: Tykkimäki (1998–2011), Wasalandia (2012–2016).
Around the World WGH / Suspended Monorail 1997 2004 Dark ride, also known as Nukketalo (2004). Produced by APW Group in the UK. It was replaced by Taikasirkus, which utilises the same building and cars.
Autorata Gebrüder IHLE Bruschal 1950 1963 Bumper cars, also known as Radioautorata. Replaced by current Autorata.
Breakdance HUSS Maschinenfabrik / Breakdance 1988 2001 Replaced by Mustekala (Polyp), which was relocated to Brakedance's property due to the construction of the Sea Life aquarium and installation of Kahvikuppikaruselli. Relocated to a traveling funfair in Germany.
Calypso Schwarzkopf / Calypso II 1967 1974 Replaced by Enterprise. Relocations: Särkänniemi (1975–1984), Tykkimäki (1986–).
Cortina Jet Schwarzkopf / Bayern Curve 1970 1987 Replaced by Breakdance. Relocated to Tykkimäki (1988–2006). Currently in storage at Nokkakivi.
Enterprise Schwarzkopf / Enterprise III 1975 1998 Replaced by Space Shot (Raketti). Relocated to Tykkimäki (1999–2017).
Flying Coaster Eyerly Aircraft Company / Ski Jump 1969 1969 Replaced by Cortina Jet. This ride was rented from Gröna Lund to operate for one season.
Formularata 1968 1995 Car circuit. Replaced by Virtuaaliteatteri (Kino). Relocated to Rocka al Mare funfair in Tallinn, Estonia, where it operated for some time.
Helsinki-pyörä 1964 2005 Ferris wheel, previously known as Boston-pyörä (1964–1972). Replaced by Rinkeli. Relocated to Tykkimäki (2007–).
Hully Gully Mack Rides / Hully Gully 1972 1972 This ride was rented from Swedish Skoghs Tivoli to operate for one season.
Hully Gully Claudio Sartori 1984 1985 Small carousel. Replaced by Apollo. Relocations: Tykkimäki (1986–2008), Nokkakivi (2010–).
Hurlumhei 1952 1959 Funhouse, the predecessor of Vekkula.
Ipanarata 1971 1989 Kiddie roller coaster, replaced by City Express (Pikajuna).
Katapultti Schwarzkopf / Katapult 1992 1993 Replaced by Top Spin (Kieputin). Removed due to continuous technical problems.
Kieppi HUSS Maschinenfabrik / Booster 2003 2016 Replaced by Magia. The ride was sold to Löffelhardt, a company which operates Ghost Rider – another Booster ride – in funfairs around Germany. As Kieppi was a park model intended for permanent installation, the ride's base was modified and retrofitted on a semitrailer.
Kieputin Eyerly Aircraft Company / Roll-O-Plane 1951 1977 Relocated to Särkänniemi, where it was in storage for some time.
Kotkot Modern Products / Track Ride 1993 2017 Farmhouse themed kiddie track ride. Moved to its last location in 2001, cars and theming renewed in 2004. Previously known as Hokkus Pokkus (1993–2003).
Lasten maailmanpyörä Claudio Sartori 1979 1995 Kiddie ferris wheel. Replaced by High Chaparral (Vankkuripyörä). Relocated to Nokkakivi (2007–).
Lasten mustekala Barbieri 1990 1996 Small carousel. Relocated to Tykkimäki (1997–).
Loch Ness 1951 1953 Small carousel.
Meteoriitti Modern Products / Meteorite 1990 1999 Small carousel. Replaced by HipHop. Relocated to Tykkimäki (2004–).
Miniautot Claudio Sartori 1978 2017 Kiddie bumper cars, moved to its last location in 2014. Replaced by Pellen talo. Currently in storage at the park, will probably be re-installed in the future.
Mustekala Eyerly Aircraft Company / Monster 1979 1984 Replaced by Polyp (Mustekala). Subsequently scrapped.
Naurutalo 1967 2002 House of mirrors, replaced by a gift shop. The mirrors are still present at the park, located in the underpass near the previous Naurutalo location.
Pallokaruselli Zamperla / Samba Balloon 1997 2015 Replaced by Propelli. Relocated to an unknown foreign amusement park.
Pilvenpyörä Frank Hrubetz & Co. / Paratrooper 1962 1984 Replaced by Rainbow (Sateenkaari). Relocated to Tykkimäki (1988–).
Round Up Nijmeegs Lasbedrijf / Round Up 1961 1975 Relocations: Särkänniemi (1977–1985), Tykkimäki (1986–2002), Nokkakivi (2006–).
Safari Christian Hoffman 1983 1999 Dark ride. It was redesigned as Indiana's Safari Adventure by APW Group in 1995. Replaced by Space Express (Linnunrata) in 2000. All the animatronics were sold abroad, cars were in storage at the park for some time.
Salaisuuksien talo Sparks Creative 1989 1996 Funhouse featuring audiovisual effects, later known as Ihme ja kumma (1995–1996). It was replaced by Around the World (Nukketalo) in 1997. Partly relocated to Tykkimäki under the name Mysteerio (1997–2015).
Sateenkaari HUSS Maschinenfabrik / Rainbow 1984 2009 Previously known as Rainbow (1984–2003). The ride was removed after 2009 season and it was in storage for some time, but was ultimately scrapped. The sun face was saved and is on display at the park.
Sokkelo Linnanmäki 2007 2011 Glass maze walkthrough, replaced by a gift shop.
Suihkio Kaspar Klaus / Roto-Jet 1955 1986 Replaced by Mustekala. Relocated to Tykkimäki (1987–2011). Subsequently scrapped.
Troika HUSS Maschinenfabrik / Troika 1974 1974 Relocated to Särkänniemi (1975–). This ride was bought by Särkänniemi in 1974, but since the park did not open until 1975, the ride was rented to Linnanmäki to operate for one season.
Vauhtihirviö Linnanmäki 1950 1952/57 Tilt-a-whirl ride. There were two identical rides at the park, named Vauhtihirviö 1 (operated 1950–1952) and Vauhtihirviö 2 (1950–1957).
Vekkula Linnanmäki 1961 2017 Funhouse, original concept designed and built by Linnanmäki. The last facade designed and built by Rex Studios in 1995. Demolished after 2017 season due to the building to be in a condition beyond repair. Will be replaced by new Vekkula elsewhere in the park.
Vonkaputous Premier Rides / Liquid Coaster 2001 2017 Second and last water roller coaster built by Premier Rides, first Premier Rides roller coaster built in Europe. Dismantled after 2017 season due to technical unreliability and excessive downtime.

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