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The Archdiocese of Turku is the oldest diocese in Finland. Medieval bishops of the Catholic Church were also de facto secular leaders of the country until the end of the 13th century.

After the Reformation in Scandinavia, Lutheran bishops became state officials. When Finland became a separate grand duchy, the then Bishop of Turku was designated as an Archbishop in 1817. Since 1868, the Archbishops of Turku and Finland have been considered primates of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

Bishop Henry[edit]

Henry of Uppsala is often mentioned in contemporary sources as the first Bishop of Finland. According to legends, the English-born Henry arrived in Finland with King Eric IX of Sweden during the First Swedish Crusade, later suffering martyrdom in the 1150s. His position as Bishop of Finland is, however, totally unhistorical, and not claimed even by legends.

Catholic bishops of Finland[edit]

See article Diocese of Finland.

  • Rodulff 1156?–1178? (first mentioned in the 15th century, uncertain)
  • Fulco 1178?–1198? (first mentioned in the 15th century, uncertain)

An unnamed Bishop of Finland is mentioned dead in 1209. Papal letters to unnamed Bishops of Finland have survived from 1221, 1229 and 1232.

Catholic bishops of Turku (Åbo, Aboa)[edit]

The position Bishop of Finland was renamed Bishop of Turku, first mentioned in 1259, in a move to harmonise the name of the dioceses with other Swedish sees.

  • Ragvald 1258–1266
  • Catillus 1266–1286
  • Johannes 1286–1290
  • Magnus 1291–1308
  • Ragvald II 1309–1321
  • Benedictus 1321–1338
  • Hemming 1338–1366
  • Henricus Hartmanni 1366–1367
  • Johannes Petri 1367–1370
  • Johannes Westfal 1370–1384
  • Bero Balk 1387–1412
  • Magnus II Tavast 1412–1450
  • Olaus Magni 1450–1460
  • Konrad Bitz 1460–1489
  • Magnus Särkilahti 1489–1500
  • Laurentius Suurpää 1500–1506
  • Johannes Olavi 1507–1510
  • Arvid Kurki 1511–1522
  • Ericus Svenonius 1523–1527
  • Martti Skytte 1528–1550

Lutheran Bishops of Turku[edit]

The title "Bishop of Turku" ceased to exist in 1817. Since 1998, the Archbishop of Turku has been assisted in the diocese by a Bishop of Turku.

Archbishops of Turku and Finland[edit]

Bishop of Turku was elevated to archiepiscopal rank in 1817. The title of the see was changed to Archbishop of Turku and Finland.[1]

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