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Logo Nokkakivi.png
LocationRuuhimäentie 3,
41400, Lievestuore, Laukaa, Finland
Coordinates62°14′44″N 26°08′19″E / 62.245588°N 26.13862°E / 62.245588; 26.13862Coordinates: 62°14′44″N 26°08′19″E / 62.245588°N 26.13862°E / 62.245588; 26.13862
OwnerBellingham Oy
OpenedJune 15, 2007
Operating seasonJune to August
Area22,000 m²
Roller coasters1
Water rides1

Nokkakivi (Finnish: [ˈnokːɑˌkiʋi]; translates to "Beak Rock") is an amusement park in Lievestuore, Laukaa, Finland. It is located along the Highway 9 (E63), and the distance from the amusement park to the nearest big city, Jyväskylä, is 24 kilometres (15 mi). It is owned by Bellingham Oy.[1]

Nokkakivi is the newest amusement park in Finland, although for the time being it has only a limited number of pre-owned rides on its ride list. Nokkakivi park is, however, notable because it is one man's dream come true, instead of being established by an organization which is the case with other Finnish amusement parks.

One ride is especially notable in the Nokkakivi park because of its long operational history in Finnish amusement parks. Round Up has been in three other Finnish amusement parks: 1961–1976 in Linnanmäki, 1977 in Särkänniemi and 1986–2002 in Tykkimäki, before it came to Nokkakivi park for its opening season.

Rides and attractions[edit]

Major rides[edit]

Cyclon in Nokkakivi
Name Manufacturer Model Opened Ride type
Ferris Wheel Eli Bridge 2007 Ferris wheel
Miami Nottingham 2007 Pendulum ride
Paratrooper Ameco 2007 Paratrooper
Round Up Nijmeegs Lasbedrijf 2007 Round Up
Dodgems Ihle 2008 Bumper car
Tilt-a-Whirl Sellner Manufacturing 2011 Platform-type
Cyclon Interpark 2016 Roller Coaster

Family rides[edit]

Name Manufacturer Model Opened Ride type
Hully Gully Sartori 2010 Carousel

Kiddie rides[edit]

Name Manufacturer Model Opened Ride type
Kiddie Ferris Wheel Sartori 2007 Ferris wheel
Sky Fighter Allan Herschell 2007 Carousel
Mini Cars Sela Cars 2007 Car track
Octopus Modern Products 2007 Carousel
Canonball Express Ward 2007 Train ride
Canoe River Venture 2010 Flume ride


Name Manufacturer Model Opened Ride type
Hedge Maze Nokkakivi 2007 Garden maze
Circus World Nokkakivi 2008 Arcade game museum


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