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Prof. Raouf Abbas

Raouf Abbas (24 August 1939 – 26 June 2008) was an Egyptian historian and a professor of modern history at Cairo University and president of the Egyptian Society of Historical Studies.

Academic career[edit]

  • Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, from September 1, 1996 – 1999.
  • Visiting Full-time Professor, Department of Arabic Studies, The American University in Cairo, September 1992 - August 1996.
  • Professor of Modern History, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, from December 30, 1981 to present.
  • Chairman, History Department, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, from April 1982 to April 1988.
  • Associate Professor of Modern History, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, from January 1, 1977 to December 29, 1981.
  • Seconded to Qatar University, October 1974 - August 1978.
  • Lecturer, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, from June 16, 1971 to December 31, 1976.
  • Assistant, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, from November 21, 1967 to June 15, 1971.

Academic Activities[edit]

  • Visiting Fellow, Institute of Developing Economies, Tokyo, April 1972 - January 1973; May - September 1977.
  • Visiting Fellow, Institute for the Study of languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University for Foreign Studies, February - September 1973; July - September 1987; October 1989 - September 1990.
  • Visiting Professor, Sorbonne University, Paris IV, February 1980.
  • Visiting Professor, Essen, Kiel, Hamburg and Freiburg Universities, Germany, November - December 1982.
  • Part-time Lecturer, CASA, The American University in Cairo, 1983 - 1991.
  • Lecture Tour in USA organized by MESA, covered UCLA, USCLA, SCULA, Stanford University, Georgia State University, Mills College (November 1990).
  • Organized and Chaired six symposiums and conferences in Cairo and Ain Shams Universities, Egypt, 1978 - 1993.
  • Chairman, Historical Studies Unit, Center of Political and Strategic Studies, Al-Ahram Organization, Cairo, since February 1980.
  • Member, The Permanent Academic Committee of History, Supreme Council of the Egyptian Universities, since October 1985.
  • Member, History Committee, The Supreme Council of Culture, Egypt, Since 1991.
  • President, The Egyptian Historical Studies Association, since April 1999.
  • Editor in Chief, Ruzname, Annual Bulletin of the Egyptian National Archives, Cairo 2003 to present.


  • Holder of Science and Arts Decoration, First class, Awarded by the President of Egypt, February 1983.
  • State Prize of Distinguished Academic Achievement in Social Science, Egypt, June 2000.

Symposiums and Conferences[edit]

  • International Conference on Orientalism, Oriental Society of Japan, Tokyo, January 1973.
  • Symposium on Methodology in History, Sorbonne University, February 1980.
  • Symposium on the Euro-Arab dialogue, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Bonn, April 1982.
  • Workshop on the History of Traditions in the Middle East, Wissenschaft Kolleg Zu Berlin, April 1986.
  • Symposium on Urbanization in Islam, Oriental Studies Institute, Tokyo University, October 1989.
  • Special Guest Scholar, The 1990 MESA Annual Meeting, San-Antonio, Texas, November 1990.
  • Symposium on "The Middle Eastern Economy in a Prospect of Peace", European Parliament, Strasbourg, June 1994.
  • Xe Réunion des Chercheurs sur le Monde, Arabe et Musulman, Afemam & Eurames, Aix-en-Provence, July 1996
  • Conference on Archives and the Metropolis, Institute of Historical Research, Centre of Metropolitan History, University of London, July 1996
  • Symposium on Mediterranean Cities, Municipality of Rome, Rome, November 1996.
  • Panel on Abu-Qeir, History & Archeology, The Egyptian Academy, Rome, February 2002.
  • Symposium on the Archival Sources of Arab History, Centre for Documentation & History, Abu-Dhabi, UAE, March 2002.
  • Round table on Private Papers as a Source of Arab Contemporary History, Institut de Monde Arabe, Paris, March 2004.
  • Round table on Iraq, The Royal Institute of Religious Studies, Amman, Jourdan, January 2005.
  • Round table on Private Papers, The Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, March 2006
  • International Conference on 1956 year of Crises, Hungary and Suez, Munk Centre For International Studies At Trinity College, University of Toronto, Canada, September 27–30, 2006.

Book in English[edit]

  • The Japanese and Egyptian Enlightenment, A Comparative Study of Fukuzawa Yukichi and Rifa'ah al-Tahtawi, ILCAA Press, Tokyo 1990.
  • Society and Economy in Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean 1600-1900, Essays in Honor of Andre Raymond, The American University in Cairo Press, 2005 (co-editor).

Books in Arabic[edit]

  • al-Harakah al-`Ummaliyyah fi Misr 1899 - 1952 (Labour Movement in Egypt 1899 - 1951), Cairo 1968.
  • al-Nizam al-Ijtima`i fi Misr fi Zil al-Milkiyyat al-Zira`iyyah al-Kabirah (Social structure in Egypt in relation to Big Landownership 1837 - 1914), Cairo 1973.
  • Muzakkirat Muhammad Farid (Memoirs of Mohammed Farid, vol. 1, A study and Editing), Cairo 1975.
  • al-Harakah al-`Ummaliyyah al-Misriyyah fi Du' al-Wathaiq al-Britaniyyah (The Egyptian Labour Movement in the Light of the British Documents 1924 - 1937), Cairo 1975.
  • al-Mujtama` al-Yabani fi `Asr Meiji (The Japanese Society in Meiji Era), Cairo 1980.
  • al-Siyasah al-Amrikiyyah Wal-`Arab (American Policy and the Arabs), Center of Arab Unity Studies, Beirut 1982 (co-author).
  • Jama`at al-Nahdah al-Qawmiyyah (The National Revival Society), Cairo 1985.
  • Henri Curiell wa al-Harakah al-Shiyu`iyyah al-Misriyyah (Henri Curiell and the Egyptian Communist Movement), Cairo 1988.
  • Jami`at al-Qahirah, Madiha wa Hadiruha (Cairo University - Past and Present), Cairo 1989.
  • Al-Tanweer Fi Misr Wa Al-Yaban (Enlightenment In Egypt and Japan), Cairo 2000.
  • Shakhsiyyat Misriyya Fi Uyon Amrikiyya,(Egyptian Personalities Seen By America),Cairo 2001.
  • Thawrat Yulyu, Baad Nisf Qarn (The Revolution of July after a half Century), Cairo, 2003.
  • Mashaynaha Khutan, Sirah Zatiya (Footprints, an Autobiography), Cairo, 2004.

Editor (Books in Arabic)[edit]

  • Misr Lilmisriyyin, Maiat `Am ala al-Thawrah al-`Urabiyyah (Egypt for the Egyptians, Hundred years of the Urabi Revolution), Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Al-Ahram Organization, Cairo 1981.
  • Misr Wa `Alam al-Bahr al-Mutawassit (Egypt and the Mediterranean World), Cairo 1986.
  • al-`Arab fi Ifriqya, al-Juzur al-Tarikhiyyah wa al-Waqi` al-Mu`asir (Arabs in Africa, Historical Roots and Recent Situation), Cairo 1987.
  • Misr Wa `Alam al-Bahr al-Mutawassit fi al`Asr al-Hadith (Egypt and the Mediterranean World in Modern Times), Cairo 1989.
  • Arba`un `Aman `ala Thawrat Yulyu, Dirasah Tarikhiyyah (Forty Years of the July Revolution, A Historical Study), Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Al-Ahram Organization, Cairo 1992.
  • Nadwat Tarikh Misr al-Iqtisadi wal-Ijtima`i fi al-`Asr al-`Uthmani (Symposium on Economic and Social History of Ottoman Egypt), Bulletin of the Faculty of Arts, Special Issue, vol 57, Cairo University Press, Cairo 1993.
  • al-`Ilaqat al-Misriyya al-Britania 1951-1954 (Anglo-Egyptian Relations 1951-1954), Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Al-Ahram Organization, Cairo 1995.
  • al-Ahzab al- Misriyya 1922-1953 (The Egyptian Parties 1992-1953), Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Al-Ahram Organization, Cairo 1995.
  • Harb al-Suez b’ad Arba`in `Aman (Suez War after 40 Years), Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Al-Ahram Organization, Cairo 1997.
  • Islah am Tahdith? Misr Fi Asr Muhammad Ali, (Reform or Modernization – Egypt Under Muhammad Ali), Cairo 2000.
  • Al-Adala Bayn Al-Shri/a Wa Al-Waqi, Fi Misr Fi Al-Asr Al-Usmani (Justice Between Islamic Law and Social Realities in Ottoman Egypt), Cairo 2002.
  • Watha’iq Misr fi al-Qarn al’ishreen (Documents of Egypt in the 20th century), Cairo 2002.
  • Khamsoun Aaman aala Thawrat Yulyu (50 year after the July Revolution, A Symposium), Cairo 2003.
  • Al-Maqalat al-Siyasiya al-Sahafyia li Taha Husayn (Press Articles on Politics by Taha Husayn), 5 volumes, Cairo 2002-2004.

Translations (from English to Arabic)[edit]

  • Hachiya Michihiko, Hiroshima Diaries, Cairo 1977.
  • Maurice Dobb, Studies in the Development of Capitalism, Cairo 1978.
  • Alexander Scholch, Egypt for the Egyptians, Cairo 1983.
  • Charles Issawi, The Fertile Crescent 1800 - 1914, A Documentary Economic History, Beirut 1989.
  • Peter Gran, Islamic Roots of Capitalism, Cairo 1992.
  • Nelly Hanna, Making Big Money in 1600s, Life and Times of Abu-Taqiya, Cairo 1997.
  • Peter Gran, Beyond Euro-centerism, A Study in World History, Cairo 1998.
  • Nelly Hanna, In Praise of Books, A Cultural History of Middle Class in Ottoman Cairo, Cairo 2003.
  • Ronald Storrs, Orientations, Cairo 2005.
  • Donald Reid, Whose Pharaohs?, Cairo 2005.
  • Roger Owen, Lord Cromer, Cairo 2006.

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