Squatter's Delight

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In Krakende Welstand
Directed byMijke de Jong
Written byJan Eilander, Mijke de Jong
Release date
23 March 1990
Running time
65 minutes

Squatter's Delight or In Krakende Welstand is a 1990 Dutch drama film directed by Mijke de Jong. It was written by de Jong and Jan Eilander. The film was de Jong's first and she won the prize of the city of Utrecht (De Prijs van de stad Utrecht) at the Netherlands Film Days.[1]


In the early 1980s, a group of people squatted a house in central Amsterdam and then legalised it. Several years later, the city council wants to increase the rent dramatically and people in the group respond in different ways.[2]


Critical response[edit]

Volkskrant saw the film as giving a "nuanced" view of the squatters movement, however squatters magazine Ravage found the film disappointing.[3]


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