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Stereotypes of the British

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Stereotypes of British people are found in several cultures.[1] Some of these stereotypes are completely untrue,[2] while others have some truth to them.

Positive stereotypes


Many British people are seen as polite,[3] similar to Canadians.[4]

Gun policy

The United Kingdom is well-known for its lack of gun tolerance, and keeping a firm grip on gun control.[5] Gun policy is strict, with most licences held for sport.[6] British police officers only use guns as a last resort.[7]


Many British people are proud of their local community and the country they live in, [8] although some are afraid to show their pride in their cultures and politics publicly.[9]


British people are well known for their use of sarcasm and irony.[10] Some of the best comedy shows, such as Fawlty Towers and Mr Bean, are British.[11]


British music is often seen as being better than American music[12], including the best rock bands.[13]


Football is very popular in the United Kingdom, and has some of the best players in the world.[14][15]


Tea is seen as a key part of British culture.[16]

Negative stereotypes

Bigotry and racism

In the past, many British people were seen as bigoted.[17] Some modern British people in politics are often accused of being racist.[18] In addition, some British people have a negative view of Americans[19], though this is not universal.[20] British people overall are welcoming to people of different nationalities and sexualities.[21]


Weather in the United Kingdom is seen as poor,[1] mostly consisting of heavy rain.[22] However, the UK has seen some record-breaking sunny weather as well.[23]


Americans often joke about the British having bad teeth, however, this is mostly untrue.[2]


British food is often joked as being poor quality. In reality, this is false[2][24] and British people eat a huge variety of dishes from a great wealth of cultures.[25]


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