Syöte National Park

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Syöte National Park
Syote National Park.jpg
Map showing the location of Syöte National Park
Map showing the location of Syöte National Park
Location in Finland
Coordinates65°44′51″N 27°54′43″E / 65.74750°N 27.91194°E / 65.74750; 27.91194Coordinates: 65°44′51″N 27°54′43″E / 65.74750°N 27.91194°E / 65.74750; 27.91194
Area299 km2 (115 sq mi)
Visitors40000 (in 2009[1])
Governing bodyMetsähallitus

Syöte National Park (Syötteen kansallispuisto) is a national park in the area of Pudasjärvi, Posio and Taivalkoski municipalities, in Northern Ostrobothnia and Lapland regions of Finland. Syöte National Park is a chain of old-growth forests, part of which is high altitude forest. One fourth of the area of the park is covered by mires of different types.

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