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"Notice no". Base Léonore (in French).

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This template is based on the French wikipedia template Base Léonore. It creates an external link to the base Léonore database of Legion of Honour members managed by the French Ministry of Culture.


The template may be invoked with the following simple syntax:

{{Base Léonore|<reference code>|<alternative title>}}

  • The first parameter is mandatory, and contains the reference code (known there as a cote) used to identify people on the base Léonore site.
  • The second parameter is optional, it allows a different text to be used in the link. By default, the text will be "Notice no. xxxxxxxx" where xxxxxxxx is the reference code of the notice.

Additional parameters[edit]


By default, the website will be shown as base Léonore. This can be suppressed by adding the parameter source=non.


By default, the language is identified as French, which will add "(in French)" to the end of the link. To override this, specify an empty language parameter.


As of mid-2021, it is no longer possible to construct a link to a person's page on the base Léonore website purely by using their reference code. To construct such a link, you need to find and specify a numeric id.

To find the id, go to the base Léonore home page and use the advanced search option (Recherche avancée) to search by reference code. Note that codes now have a double slash at the beginning where they used to have a single one - so if the code you have is "LH/1924/18" search for "LH//1924/18" instead. Once you've found the right person, click the Voir la notice détaillée button to display their page. This will give you a page with a URL like this: http://www.leonore.archives-nationales.culture.gouv.fr/ui/notice/269341

The number at the end of this URL - 269341 in this case - should be passed as an id parameter to the template in order to generate a link. If no such parameter is passed, the link will point to the base Léonore home page instead.