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This template creates a shaded table cell according to its value. It interpolates the colour between given min and max values and colors (if not specified, these are assumed to be white for the min and black for the max). The font colour is turned black or white depending on the luminosity of the cell background.


{{Cell color|value|min|max|min color|max color[}}

  • |1= - The value of the cell (must be a number)
  • |2= - The minimum value of the range
  • |3= - The maximum value of the range
  • |4= - The color for the minimum value specified by |2=
  • |5= - The color for the maximum value specified by |3=
  • |bold= - Set to a truthy value to make the value bold


| {{Cell color|50|25|100|FF0000|0000FF}}
| {{Cell color|0.7|0|1|bold=yes}}

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