Tha Din Daeng campaign

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Tha Din Daeng campaign
Part of the Burmese–Siamese War (1785–86)
Tha Din Daeng, Kanchanaburi Province
Result Siamese Victory
Flag of the Alaungpaya Dynasty of Myanmar.svg Burmese Kingdom Flag of Thailand (1782).svg Rattanakosin Kingdom (Siam)
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Alaungpaya Dynasty of Myanmar.svg Bodawpaya Flag of Thailand (1782).svg Rama I
Flag of Thailand (1782).svg Maha Sura Singhanat
36,000 30,000

Tha Din Daeng campaign” was a short conflict, occurring in 1786 in Tha Din Daeng, in Kanchanaburi Province, the largest of the western provinces (changwat) of Thailand. The belligerents were King Bodawpaya of the Burmese Konbaung Dynasty, against Phraphutthayotfa Chulalok and Maha Sura Singhanat of the Rattanakosin Kingdom.

As his armies were destroyed, Bodawpaya retreated, only to renew attacks next year. Bodawpaya, this time, did not divide his troops but instead formed into single army. Bodawpaya passed through the Chedi Sam Ong and settled in Tha Din Daeng. Maha Sura Singhanat marched the Siamese forces to face Bodawpaya. The fighting was very short and Bodawpaya was quickly defeated.

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