Uppslagsverket Finland

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Uppslagsverket Finland
Uppslagsverket Finland.jpg
Printed editions of the encyclopaedia.
EditorsHenrik Ekberg et alii
Publication date
1982 (1982)

Uppslagsverket Finland ("Encyclopaedia Finland") is a Swedish-language encyclopedia with a focus on Finland and in particular Finland-Swedish subjects.

The encyclopedia is published by initiative of an association dedicated to this task, Föreningen finlandssvenska uppslagsverk. The initiative to the publication was taken in 1969, and the first edition was published in three volumes in 1982 to 1985.[1]

A second edition was published by Schildts förlag in five volumes during 2003 to 2007. This edition met with limited sales success because of its similarity to most other printed encyclopedias at this time.[2]

In 2009, the encyclopedia was made freely available online, with funding from the educational association Svenska folkskolans vänner. The editor of both printed editions was Henrik Ekberg,[1] and for the online edition Sigbritt Backman.[citation needed]


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