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This is a resource page for referencing issues.


  • ref name and then full ref as footnote
    • makes it hard to split page.


  • ease of adding to articles
  • reliable sources of bibliographical metadata
  • simplfying the wikitext. (wadin thought it can be daunting)
  • avoiding vandalism
  • avoiding good faith edits that leave damaged code
  • ensuring sufficient bibliographical data is added
  • giving a consistent "feel" of "look" to WP citations
  • allowing biblio metadata to be pulled out via CoinS
    • does not work if a ref template is used.
  • archiving urls

Policies and guidelines[edit]


Some ideas[edit]

Can the operation of RefToolbar 2.0 be changed so that the following happens:

  • when, for example, the doi number xxxx is entered it will look up {{cite doi/xxxx}} (in this case pulled from Category:Cite doi templates) to fill in the fields. If the doi number does not have a WP template then data is grabbed from external sources.
  • If it is a new doi number then a new template is created and added to Category:Cite doi templates.

This system could be set up for ISBN, pmid, etc as well.

hmmmm, is it worthwhile creating out own database???? The stuff is already elesewhere.

An earlier idea
Citation bot and expanding citations

Citation bot (talk · contribs) expands out templates such as {{cite doi}}, {{cite pmid}} out to a {{cite}} template as I understand it. There are some reasons why I don't think it should be done:

  • The handling of the <ref> tag of the WikiMedia software is not perfect apparently. The cite/core is being talked about over at MediaWiki.
  • I have muttered and grumbled to myself about the need for a centralised and consistent method of reference formatting.
  • The coding of a page is easier on the eye (if not using wikEd). This is nicer
<ref>{{Cite doi|10.2307.2F1514012}}</ref>
than this
<ref>{{cite journal| first = Audi| last = Georges|title = The NUBASE Evaluation of Nuclear and Decay Properties| journal = Nuclear 
Physics A| volume = 729| pages = 3–128| publisher = Atomic Mass Data Center| year = 2003 |doi=10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2003.11.001
| bibcode=2003NuPhA.729....3A| last2 = Bersillon| first2 = O.| last3 = Blachot| first3 = J.| last4 = Wapstra| first4 = A.H.}}</ref>
  • Page splitting might be easier
  • Vandalism might be easier to control.
  • global updates of a references can easily be done
  • ensures a consistency in formatting.

I cannot see any reasons for not tanscuding the cite doi, pmid templates directly into a page. -- Alan Liefting (talk - contribs) 22:58, 7 March 2012 (UTC)