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Hi, I'm Berchanhimez, pronounced /'bɜ:ʳkənhɪmez/. I mainly edit topics related to biology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and science, but you'll find me editing many topics I have interest in and/or see something in the news/a journal that I can improve on Wikipedia. Please feel free to contact me on my talk page.


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Note: I consider an article a "major rewrite/expansion" if either it existed as a significant article prior to my work (i.e. not a stub, not a very short start class article, and had usable content that I worked around). Article creations or significant expansions are articles (or sections) which I created either from a minimal stub or from scratch. -bɜ:ʳkənhɪmez (User/say hi!)

To do lists/userspace[edit]

Medical injections article ratings (v/e/changes)
Article Rating 2019 views
Intravenous therapy GA 520,693
Epidural administration GA 361,050
Intramuscular injection GA 312,794
Injection (medicine) C 292,740
Subcutaneous injection Start 217,813
Intraosseous infusion Start 108,662
Intrathecal administration Start 97,318
Intraperitoneal injection Stub 66,603
Intracardiac injection Stub 47,490
Joint injection Start 22,035
Intracavernous injection Stub 12,703
Intravitreal administration Stub 8,122
Article Rating 2019 views
Injector pen GA N/A
Peripherally inserted central catheter Start 227,823
Patient-controlled analgesia Start 33,656
Transdermal implant Stub 29,238
Depot injection C 7,827

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