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Ten Commandments[edit]

I will edit Wikipedia with the below in mind.

  1. All users are created equal. A seven edit newbie should have no more say in a discussion than a seventy thousand edit administrator/bureaucrat/arb/steward/OTRS member. Chicdambach should be treated the same as Jimbo Wales, despite their profound differences.
  2. All users have the right to be free from personal attacks, legal threats, and outing.
  3. All users should have the same possibility of being granted advanced user rights, and previous mistakes should not be held against them. A user who was sitebanned and once made personal attacks should be granted advanced user rights if they have shown that they have improved.
  4. All users should be taught everything they need to be taught. We need more Teahouse hosts to answer newbies' questions, and we need to all be civil and not be mean to them so they can learn our rules and guide newcomers themselves.
  5. All users should be able to take a wikibreak when they need one.
  6. Blocking a user is a last resort, and every alternative should be considered first. Even a sockmaster LTA could be coaxed into constructive editing.
  7. All users should respect our civility policy, and the consequences should be the same for all editors.
  8. Not a single user should feel burnout from anything, and if they do, another user should always be there to help them if the work needs to get done.
  9. Backlogs, especially the more important ones, should be cleared, or at least made smaller, as soon as possible, and if needed (see point 8), then multiple editors should work on it.
  10. If these things occur, then Wikipedia will be Utopia. Even though there is no Utopia, any editor who edits with these things in mind will be happier on Wikipedia than one who does not.