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בס"דThis user built his/her user page with the help of HaShem..

NameThis user's name is Dovid de Bresser.

@This user can be reached by email at [email protected]

About Wikipedia and spelling

About myself

My interests

About eating and drinking etc.

And being Jewish

Me and my computer

Where I have been

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpgThis user is from Earth.
Wall clock.pngThis user's time zone is GMT+2.
Flag of the Netherlands.svgThis user is of Dutch ancestry.
Crystal Clear app clock.svgIt is approximately 8:32 AM where this user lives.

Countries I have lived in for some time

Netherlands Israel Russia Ukraine

Countries I have visited

United States United Kingdom Germany France Italy Belgium Spain


I decided to put this section at the bottom of my userpage because I've been told I have a peculiar sense of humor.

Being Dutch

A Dutchman trying to write a poem in English might come up with the following:

  • The wind is softly blazing through the booms.

Humor and religion

The following is very funny, really.

Adamhandgod.jpg God made this user an atheist. Do you question his wisdom?

Humor at work

The following does not necessarily mirror my professional attitude, just my sense of humor.

Crystal Clear app kalarm.svgThis user loves deadlines. He loves the whooshing sound they make as they go by.

And in the family

No, there was no connection between the lowest two banners in the "About myself" columns.

Funny pictures I found

An Israeli Air Force AH-64D Apache Longbow. In Israel, the AH-64 is the second leading cause of terrorist deaths, after suicide.
When I wanted to build the second tower of the Chartres Cathedral, I ran out of money...
A C-141 participates in Operation Deep Freeze, as uniformed officers of the Pt. Murdo Constabulary Force stand guard.


And if you've made it so far: my website is Home Page of Dovid de Bresser.

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