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Welcome to my userpage uwu.

I create articles on a lot of topics, based off of my interests. I also like to clean-up and standardize things, such as categories and templates. If you'd like my help with anything, feel free to ask.


This is a list of some of the things I've done around here. This not a comprehensive list, for more information see Special:Contributions/Elli and commons:Special:Contributions/Elli.

Articles created[edit]

Note: this also includes articles which I expanded from redirects. Per WP:OWN, I don't claim ownership of these articles — and some have been expanded significantly by others.


  1. Changed {{cite tweet}} to automatically calculate the date of cited tweets using Module:TwitterSnowflake, and output an error if the calculated date is different from the provided |date= parameter.
  2. Unified United States presidential election imagemaps (since 1960) with Template:United States presidential election imagemap.
  3. Unified gubernatorial and Senate election imagemaps with Template:US elections imagemap, and created a significant amount of relevant imagemaps.
  4. Working on automatically applying {{Wikidata redirect}} with {{redirect category shell}} – the whole situation with those templates is a mess, though.

Project pages[edit]

  1. Wikipedia:WikiProject Elections and Referendums/USA Legend Colors
  2. Wikipedia:Redlink examples
  3. Wikipedia:Selfie

User pages[edit]

  1. User:Elli/notes – miscellaneous notes
  2. User:Elli/statisticalredirects – a list of statistical redirects
  3. User:Elli/DYKQPQ – DYKs I've reviewed
  4. User:Elli/Complete list – an essay on redirects beginning with "Complete list"
  5. User:Elli/rcat standardization – attempting to standardize automatic application of redirect categories
  6. User:Elli/respect – infrequently-updated, non-comprehensive list of people I have significant respect for on here
  7. User:Elli/Drafts – my userspace drafts


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Feel free to contact me off-wiki. I'm active on Discord, though my username tends to fluctuate - feel free to email me and I'll add you.