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My contributions[edit]


  1. Battle of Wilson's Creek
  2. Batted ball
  3. Battle of Cane Hill
  4. J. Johnston Pettigrew
  5. Wilson's Creek National Battlefield
  6. Dayton Moore
  7. Battle of Blackburn's Ford
  8. Battle of Dry Wood Creek
  9. Battle of Prairie Grove
  10. Alex Gordon
  11. Battle of Poison Spring
  12. First Battle of Newtonia
  13. First Battle of Newtonia Historic District
  14. Mathew H. Ritchey House
  15. Battle of McDowell
  16. Battle of Caulk's Field
  17. Battle of Mine Creek
  18. Battle of Marmiton River
  19. 1st Missouri Infantry Regiment (Confederate)
  20. 1st and 4th Missouri Infantry Regiment (Consolidated)
  21. 4th Missouri Infantry Regiment (Confederate)
  22. Landis's Battery
  23. Wade's Battery
  24. 6th Missouri Infantry Regiment (Confederate)
  25. Battle of Big Black River Bridge
  26. 3rd Missouri Light Battery
  27. Harris' Missouri Battery (1864)
  28. 10th Missouri Infantry Regiment (Confederate)
  29. 16th Missouri Infantry Regiment (Confederate)
  30. Battle of Grand Gulf
  31. 9th Missouri Infantry Regiment (Confederate)
  32. 2nd and 6th Missouri Infantry Regiment (Consolidated)
  33. 3rd Missouri Infantry Regiment (Confederate)
  34. Slayback's Missouri Cavalry Regiment
  35. 2nd Missouri Infantry Regiment (Confederate)
  36. 12th Missouri Infantry Regiment (Confederate)
  37. 5th Missouri Infantry Regiment (Confederate)
  38. 11th Missouri Infantry Regiment (Confederate)
  39. Bledsoe's Missouri Battery
  40. 1st Missouri Field Battery
  41. 8th Missouri Infantry Regiment (Confederate)
  42. Battle of Sedalia
  43. Battle of Marais des Cygnes
  44. Confederate Memorial State Historic Site
  45. 6th Delaware Infantry Regiment
  46. Second Battle of Newtonia Site
  47. Battle of Roan's Tan Yard
  48. Second Battle of Newtonia
  49. Brooks Pounders
  50. Second Battle of Lexington
  51. Marais des Cygnes Massacre Site
  52. Price's Lost Campaign: The 1864 Invasion of Missouri
  53. Battle of Glasgow, Missouri
  54. Fort Davidson
  55. Battle of Little Blue River
  56. Battle of Fort Davidson
  57. Nichols's Missouri Cavalry Regiment
  58. Shenandoah 1862
  59. 13th Missouri Cavalry Regiment (Confederate)
  60. Grant's Canal
  61. Battle of Raymond
  62. Battle of Jackson, Mississippi
  63. Alexander Bielaski
  64. Battle of Milliken's Bend
  65. Martensdale, California
  66. Second Battle of Independence
  67. Battle of Galveston Harbor (1862)


See User:Hog Farm/DYK views (incomplete)


  1. Justin Moore discography

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