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Nothing about me here. Just handy links and reference material for myself.

Certs tools

Australia / ARIA[edit]

  • Determine cert year by choosing from ARIA certs pages.
  • Use template: <ref>{{Cite certification |region=Australia |type=single |certyear=1998 |accessdate=December 25, 2011}}</ref>
  • When not on certs page yet, but (still) on current Top 50 Singles:
<ref name="AUScurrent50">{{cite web|url= |title=ARIA Top 50 Singles Charts: 31/10/2011 |publisher=[[Australian Recording Industry Association]] |accessdate=October 31, 2011}}</ref>

Canada / (CRIA) Music Canada[edit]

  • CRIA links (do any still work?).
  • Music Canada link to search and sample ref:
ica=Search Canadian Artists Only. True/False
smt=Media type. Number 1-10 from list index
sat=Award type. E.g., TRIPLE PLATINUM ALBUM(S)
ssd=Start date
sed=End date
ssb=Sort by
<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Gold and Platinum Search (Notorious B.I.G.) |publisher=[[Music Canada]] |accessdate=October 5, 2011}}</ref>

Germany / BVMI[edit]

  • "Gold/Platin-Datenbank" (in German). Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Retrieved 2010-06-19.
  • "Gold/Platin-Datenbank" (in German). Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Retrieved 2010-07-01.
  • "Gold/Platin-Datenbank" (in German). Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Changed again ~2010-10-27.
  • "Gold-/Platin-Datenbank (Eminem; 'Encore')" (in German). Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Template 2010-07-29
    (Muhandes is a genius: use {{Cite certification|region=Germany|artist=Eminem|title=Encore}}).

NL / NVPI[edit]

  • 1978–2006: Functioning DB <ref>{{cite web |url= |title=NVPI, de branchevereniging van de entertainmentindustrie – Goud/Platina |publisher=[[NVPI]] |accessdate=2011-12-31}}</ref>
  • 1951–2011: Totally broken DB (contains 11 test entries).

NZ / RIANZ[edit]

Bulletin, 12.11.11: All bets are off; those dumbasses at RIANZ have changed their site, so the below URLs all redirect to (showing only the current Top 40). Maybe someday the thing in the upper-right that resembles a drop-down list of charts will actually work. Bloody idiots.

News flash. 19.12.11: Thanks to Harout72, there may be salvation: gets us to the old charts, it appears. Will research...

  • With song/album search charts to see when it was released/moving. That can help when stabbing at weekly links at RIANZ site.
  • NZ direct links to any charts: Weekly and EOY Replace chart number (chartNum) or year (chartYear) as needed, and chartKind with S=singles, A=albums, D=DVDs, C=compilations, H=radio airplay (thanks to Adabow) Sample ref here.
<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=RIANZ: Chart #1784 - Monday 1 August 2011 / Top 40 Singles Chart (select from drop-down lists) |publisher=[[Recording Industry Association of New Zealand]] |accessdate=2011-10-21}}</ref>


Sweden / IFPI[edit]

  • IFPI SWE: Platinum<ref name=IFPI-SEp8>[ "ÅR 2000 <nowiki>[Year 2000]</nowiki>"] (PDF) via [ IFPI Guld & Platina page] (in Swedish). IFPI Svenska Gruppen. p. 8. Retrieved 2011-11-30.</ref>

UK / BPI[edit]

  • Non-specific link to BPI DB: <ref name=BPI>{{cite web|url= |title=BPI Certified Awards Search |publisher=[[British Phonographic Industry]] |accessdate=December 4, 2011}}</ref>

US / RIAA[edit]
  • Copy-paste for ref, inserting correct URL:
<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=RIAA – Searchable Database: Without You |publisher=[[Recording Industry Association of America]] |accessdate=October 31, 2011}}</ref>

I am (still) using this page as a scratchpad of those links I frequently use and spend way too much time looking up. While I'm adding and removing such links, it seems like a good opportunity for me to play with formatting capabilities. So I offer my apologies if my User page is of less than great use to its visitors; I'm rather selfishly using it for my own evil purposes.

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Coding tools[edit]

Basics, parameters: named/unnamed/empty/default
Variable templates and parameters, branching
NS, URLs etc., Pages in category
#expr, #if, #ifeq, #iferror, #switch, etc.
{{urlencode:string}}, {{lc:string}}, {{#tag:tagname}}
What it says; how to use spaces in params

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