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Hi, visitor[edit]

The (not so fast) way to contact me is to use my talk page. Don't mind if I don't respond; it doesn't mean I have less respect for you, I might be in a bad mood or something.

Wikipedia is likely to fail[edit]

This place can fail.

This repository of knowledge is not guaranteed to succeed. My argument is that contributors need to focus, by which I mean to care more for selected aspects and less about other aspects:

Area How to
WP:5000 popular pages  Yes
General articles (ideas) that are popular, miraculously  Yes
General articles (ideas) linked from popular articles  Yes
assessing articles (C-class, GA, etc.) Thumbs down icon this battle is already lost (based on hard statistics)
ocean of poor articles Thumbs down icon will grow faster and faster (based on hard statistics)
entire Talk: namespace Thumbs down icon take it easy
entire Wikipedia: namespace Thumbs down icon take it easy
entire Category: namespace Thumbs down icon take it easy
your Watchlist Thumbs down icon take it easy
your recent Contributions Thumbs down icon take it easy
{{mergefrom}} and {{mergeto}} and {{split}} Thumbs down icon forget about them, just act
Sections suspected of being biased: fixing anything else besides the bias (even if only grammar) Thumbs down icon Leads straight to escalation of commitment
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