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I'm the WOS Linker.

My Main Contributions[edit]

Approximate dates of various items are listed below. Some of them are still on going.

  • Jan 2007 - Adding links to the World of Spectrum site to articles about Sinclair Spectrum Games.
  • Feb 2007 - Branched out to added/fixing use of Klov, Moby & Lemon64 templates
  • Feb 2007 - Converted some links to use imdb templates.
  • Mar 2007 - Expanded topics on United Kingdom Postcodes
  • Sept 2007 - Converted a number of templates to use Navbox template
  • Sept 2007 - Worked on tidying up layout of Intrastate Broadcast templates
  • Oct 2007 - Worked on tidying up layout of United States Radio templates
  • Jan 2008 - Change style of Summer Olympics Sports navigational boxes from horizontal to vertial
  • Mar 2008 - Work with {{Infobox UK place}}, on the template and also adding it to articles.
  • Apr 2008 - Still converting templates to use {{Navbox}}...
  • Jun 2008 - Converting some project templates to use {{WPBannerMeta}}
  • Aug 2008 - Converted some templates to use {{tmbox}}
  • May-Dec 2009 - Convert all the Template:User * templates to use {{Userbox}}
  • Aug 2009 - Add {{Articles by Quality}} to all the Category:aaa articles by quality pages
  • Aug 2009 - Add {{Articles by Importance}} to all the Category:aaa articles by importance pages
  • Jan-Apr 2010 - Convert all the User:UBX/* templates to use {{Userbox}}
  • Apr-Jul 2010 - Updated various articles to use {{Infobox road}}
  • Aug 2010 - Updated various motorsport articles to use updated {{Motorsport season}}
  • Nov 2011-Oct 2012 - Work on using hlist class in navboxes
  • Aug 2012-Jun 2013 - Module:InfoboxImage
  • Oct 2013 - Changed protection level of numerous templates to allow template editors to modify
  • Jun 2014-Nov 2015 Tidying style and tags in templates to reduce legacy html and improve for html5.
  • Mar 2015 - Reduce use of imagemap tag when link= in files will do.
  • Jun 2015-onwards - Still to review contribution log

Misc Links[edit]

Category:Automotive company timeline templates done A-L

Replace bgcolor=" with style="background-color: [1]

Replace <font color= width <span style= [2]

Replace valign [3]

To add class="wikitable"

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