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Bot categorisation[edit]

I've been thinking about how we can improve record-keeping with a list of active bot tasks, ideally grouped by rough categories (eg archiving/maintaining an admin board, antivandalism, file policy enforcement, etc). I think I read that someone tried to do it manually before but it quickly became unmaintainable. Maybe Wikipedia:Bot activity monitor would be a maintainable way to achieve this?

Some improvements to the config might be a BRFA/task number parameters, and some kind of category parameter along with a list of categories/possible values. Given the list of active flagged bot accounts isn't too high (per User:MajavahBot/Bot status report), it might be feasible to get all active tasks added to it, and have BAG members update it as they approve new tasks. ProcrastinatingReader (talk) 11:46, 27 April 2021 (UTC)

Hi @ProcrastinatingReader, sorry for the delay in getting to this. As for grouping, I suspect it won't be maintainable since it's one thing that definitely can't be automated. Once this BRFA is done and hopefully Wikipedia:Bot activity monitor gets used by more people, maybe at that time the idea of grouping would be worth revisiting. As for the bot task configs, I was worried there were too many of them :) But yeah, if rest of BAG members and/or bot operators can commit to keeping it updated, I guess it would be ok to add BRFA/task numbers, etc. – SD0001 (talk) 16:19, 11 May 2021 (UTC)

User:SD0001/Bot activity monitor/Report[edit]

Hello, SD0001,

Your report has User:AnomieBOT III as inactive but it posts reports every 6 hours that I check. The report also has User:FireflyBot as inactive but it daily posts notices about imminent G13 stale drafts to draft creators' talk pages. Not sure what is wrong with the code but those are two bots I make use of and you can check their contributions to see whether or not they are active. Liz Read! Talk! 03:10, 3 May 2021 (UTC)

Twinkle - SQ[edit]

Hello! I believe I did Invite you correctly for collaboration at GitHub. At least, I did invite user SD0001, hoping to be you. As you may have seen, this is my first time ever working with GitHub so please bear with me. - Klein Muçi (talk) 22:22, 18 May 2021 (UTC)

New message from Qwerfjkl[edit]

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Hello, SD0001. You have new messages at Wikipedia talk:Twinkle.
Message added 16:22, 19 May 2021 (UTC). You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{Talkback}} or {{Tb}} template.

 Qwerfjkl | 𝕋𝔸𝕃𝕂  (please use {{reply to|Qwerfjkl}} on reply) 16:22, 19 May 2021 (UTC)

SDZeroBot and non-free content[edit]

Hi SD0001. You might want to check or tweak User:SDZeroBot because it keeps adding non-free files to User:SDZeroBot/AfD grid. Non-free content can only be used (i.e. displayed) in the article namespace per WP:NFCC#9 (also WP:UP#Non-free files); so, every time your bot adds one of these files to its username space, another bot (User:JJMC89 bot) run by JJMC89 flags the file for review. I don't no much about bots and I'm not sure how yours is set up, but this seems to be more of a recent problem than not. Perhaps you tweaked something recently that changed the way bot extracts content from articles. You might want to set things up (if possible) to tell the bot not to extract any files that are licensed as non-free content, or you may need to simply manually "remove" the files like is currently being done. At some point though, you're going to need to figure out a way to stop the bot from adding these files. -- Marchjuly (talk) 23:43, 28 May 2021 (UTC)

@Marchjuly Thanks for the note. I'm familiar with the non-free file policy and had configured the bot to strip all images from the excerpts. But what was happening here was that in your edits [1] [2] [3] the file was being invoked with prefix "İmage:" (notice the dot above I), which somehow MediaWiki treats as valid, but the bot can only recognise the normal "File:" and "Image:" prefixes. All 3 were to the excerpt of the same page (Emil Şahin) which I've edited so the issue shouldn't occur again. – SD0001 (talk) 04:20, 29 May 2021 (UTC)
I think “Image” is an alias for “File” and I don’t know why it was being used in that case, but thank you for sorting things out. Just for reference, the edit #3 was made by another editor who also checks on file related stuff, but they also didn’t change the syntax in the actual article where the file is being used. — Marchjuly (talk) 07:16, 29 May 2021 (UTC)
Yes using Image won't cause an issue. Here the article was using İmage (note the first character is accented) which I think should be super rare. – SD0001 (talk) 07:35, 29 May 2021 (UTC)

User:SDZeroBot/G13 Watch[edit]

Hello, SD0001,

It's been a while since I posted to your talk page because everything these days is working so smoothly! But I thought I'd just let you know that I don't think this particular report is of much use. User:SDZeroBot/G13 soon, which lists upcoming G13s, is used throughout the day & night and User:SDZeroBot/G13 eligible lists any currently eligible drafts that might have been overlooked. But I'm not sure exactly what the G13 Watch is supposed to be used for since it typically lists drafts that have already been deleted. I know that having or not having this report doesn't really affect the work that SDZeroBot does so perhaps it doesn't matter but I thought I'd let you know that I don't think this report is serving much of a purpose. Thanks again for SDZeroBot! Liz Read! Talk! 00:13, 12 June 2021 (UTC)

Hmm, but some people do seem to find it useful. See for instance User_talk:SD0001/Archive_4#User:SDZeroBot/G13_Watch. – SD0001 (talk) 07:05, 12 June 2021 (UTC)
Okay, then, never mind! Liz Read! Talk! 20:54, 13 June 2021 (UTC)

New message from Qwerfjkl[edit]

 You are invited to join the discussion at Wikipedia talk:RedWarn § Conflict. (Regarding User:SD0001/Making user scripts load faster.) ― Qwerfjkl | 𝕋𝔸𝕃𝕂  (please use {{reply to|Qwerfjkl}} on reply) 19:57, 13 June 2021 (UTC)

SDZeroBot: AfC sorting not updating when backlog is empty[edit]

See Wikipedia:AfC sorting/Culture/Media/Video games. I declined the last entry roughly 16hrs ago and the bot has thus far not updated the list again. Is this intentional or does the bot fail to handle empty categorizations properly? IceWelder [] 11:41, 14 June 2021 (UTC)

Yes that's a bug. The bot goes to make an edit only if there is at least 1 remaining item in the topic. – SD0001 (talk) 12:34, 14 June 2021 (UTC)

Is SDZeroBot taking a looooong nap?[edit]

Hello, SD0001,

Looks like it hasn't updated in quite a few hours. What's up? Liz Read! Talk! 00:30, 16 June 2021 (UTC)

When you see this, if you could run User:SDZeroBot/G13 soon for today, that would be great. It's the report I and AFC reviewers use the most and its absence will be felt in a week. Liz Read! Talk! 00:32, 16 June 2021 (UTC)
Well, it looks like SDZeroBot is up & working again. Hooray! If you could run the G13 reports that are typically run at 00:00 UTC, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, SD0001! Liz Read! Talk! 03:34, 16 June 2021 (UTC)
@Liz: Looks like the bot already ran them, at 01:57 UTC instead. User:SDZeroBot/G13 eligible is empty but that looks expected seeing that this report has been coming empty often over the past few days. – SD0001 (talk) 06:59, 16 June 2021 (UTC)