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Shop and small hotel in Vaalimaa
Passport stamp from the border checkpoint
Old style passport stamp from the border checkpoint

Vaalimaa is a border crossing point between Finland and Russia. It is located in the Virolahti municipality. With over 2 million annual crossings, it is the busiest border crossing in the Finnish-Russian border, which is also the border of the European Union and Russia. European route E18 passes through Vaalimaa.

The border crossing is notorious for its long queues. Around Christmas 2007 there could even be a 50 to 60 kilometer line of trucks. The functioning of the border crossing is affected by the actions of the Russian Customs, Russian Border Control and some other Russian bureaus in Torfyanovka.

Trucks and passenger cars are handled in different lines. In 2004 it became possible to cross the border by bicycle. Pedestrian crossing is still forbidden.

Distances from Vaalimaa
  • Helsinki: 187 km
  • Saint Petersburg: 202 km

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Coordinates: 60°36′00″N 027°48′30″E / 60.60000°N 27.80833°E / 60.60000; 27.80833