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Long-term abuse
This page is not a noticeboard. To report vandalism, use the administrators' vandalism noticeboard.

This page summarises a limited number of long term abusers, to assist members of the community who believe they may have cause to report another incident. Note that this page is not a noticeboard. Names should only be added for the most egregious and well-attested cases. Most users here will have been banned, some on multiple occasions.

Cautionary notes
Don't provide too much info
The text should tread a careful balance between providing useful information and providing enough to obstruct detection. In general such information should only be shared with users of a high level of reputation.
Hints on useful info
Consider providing just a summary of the behaviors and nature of disruption, key case pages (SPI/ANI/RFAR), and the names of current experienced users familiar with the abuser (with their "giveaways", history, behavior traits, etc.)
Don't use LTA unless needed
Only add vandals that have a need to be pointed out, especially ones whose contributions could be confused for good-faith edits by somebody unfamiliar with their modus operandi. This includes sneaky sockpuppeteers, prolific trolls, POV-pushers, editors who add deliberately false or biased information and promotional editors. Blatant vandals whose sockpuppet accounts would be blocked swiftly as vandalism-only even if they weren't evading a previous block usually do not need to be listed here.
Use language carefully
Do not use language that glorifies vandalism. Do not use relative time phrases such as "lately", "recently" without qualification (use "As of date...").

For help, please ask on the project's talk page or contact one of the helpers. If you need more information on an user listed here, your best bet would be to contact the user that submitted the report, which can be found in the page history.

Create a new report here
I For all reports:
Verify that the following criteria have been met:
  • The user has been abusing Wikipedia over a long duration of time.
  • The user account has a history of repeated egregious disruption, and despite indefinite block or ban, continues vandalism and/or abuse beyond the point of any usual blocked user.
  • There is a significant chance that the information will be of value against future repetition.
II Reporting form

III Fill out the resulting page and fill-in the requested information.
IV Save the page.
V Link the new entry onto the list and transclude it on the full list.
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Transcludes Wikipedia:Long-term abuse/List

Report Description Predominantly IP-hopping user who disruptively edits reference desks and articles regarding works of fiction about rape or sexual abuse.
123Aristotle This user is a paid editor on Wikipedia, but does not disclose paid editing. After his initial account was blocked on Chinese Wikipedia, English Wikipedia as well as globally locked, he uses sockpuppets to evade block and continues to create articles without disclosing paid editing.
Albert20009 An Indonesia-based user who mainly and frequently targets China, Malaysia, Singapore and several other countries media articles (like television/radio channels, newspaper as well television dramas/movies) with false information and WP:MOS/WP:OVERLINK related issues. The sock master has been globally blocked together with his sockpuppet accounts, but the user continues his disruptive edits through various IP numbers mostly from Medan and Stabat in North Sumatra and several other rare locations around Indonesia.
Alec Smithson A persistent cross-wiki hoaxer and sock-puppeteer since 2014. Globally locked in 2016 for long-term and extensive cross-wiki abuse, now edits using constantly shifting IPs resolving to Milan, Italy and surrounding towns. The primary focus is to promote obscure members of the Natoli family and to spuriously link them to various European nobility, using fake or misrepresented references. Continues to create articles on the Natoli family and related subjects on all wikis that allow article creation by unregistered users.
Ananny A persistent cross-wiki spammer and sock-puppeteer since December 2006, Ananny's goal is to promote the work of a non notable artist (as established in several independent AFD discussions). To this end the user has used more than a dozen socks and innumerable IPs to recreate the deleted article and add the artist's name to various lists. Although low level, the spamming has affected 19 Wikimedia wikis over a 9 year period.
Angela Criss Changing singers and genres for topics related to Devo, Eagles, and country music.
Apple.lavparmar IP editor, regularly inserts his name into articles.
Ararat arev An Armenian nationalist permabanned for revert-warring and sockpuppetry. His main focus is articles concerning Armenian antiquity, which he attempts to distort in accordance with certain nationalist fringe theories, mostly attributed to the website.
Asdisis A Croatian nationalist banned primarily for disruption at the Nikola Tesla biography. Multiple socks and more than 200 IPs involved.
Bambifan101 Focuses on Disney articles. Claims to be a young boy in the southern United States (possibly in the Mobile, Alabama area) with a professed love of juvenile-themed movies (usually Disney animated features) and books.
Bedriczwaleta A Polish Argentine vandal and persistent IP-hopper since at least early 2019, he caused disruption on many COVID-19 medical cases charts templates and other articles he has ever edited in. It is also known for harassment and edit warring when confronted, despite repeated warnings and advices. Notify the Support & Safety team at [email protected] or [email protected] if you receive death threats from this LTA.
Benniejets Chronic sockpuppeteer who disrupts Italy, Europe and International politics & statistics related pages with a strong Italian POV.
Bertrand101 Massive vandalism on Philippine media. After being blocked on English Wikipedia, he will continue cross-wiki vandalism.
Best known for IP IP editor, regularly engaged in edit-warring and personal attacks, particularly over the phrase "best known for".
Bidhan Singh IP editor, regularly engaged in vandalism. Inserts the name Bidhan Singh or a number as a President of India or Prime Minister of India. Adds random white spaces in articles and talk pages. Removes and vandalizes the templates on the talk pages
Billy Hathorn Chronic copyright violations and trivia.
Billy North Adds fictitious individual "Clutch Kahn" to associated acts or former member fields of infoboxes for alternative rock and blues artists. Once created accounts, now an IP hopping vandal.
BMX On WheeIs Also known as the Fuerdai vandal. Uses phrases like "fuerdai" and "on wheels" and usually targets pages very broadly related to fuerdai.
Boy band vandal IP-hopping user from Alberta, blocked more than 30 times since 2013 for disruptively adding categories such as "boy band" and "girl group".
Brad Watson, Miami Once spammed pseudoscience on talk pages, now adds cryptic rants centered around the number 7 to pages related to the Bible and ancient Egypt.
Brianmagallano Vandal primarily targeting video game articles, Philippine media articles and Football articles, introducing false information, active for years even after blocks. Dozens and dozens of suspected socks from the same IP range.
Bronx hoaxer This person from the Bronx adds false material to music articles, including the names of people who were not involved, and fake songs added to albums. This person targets primarily African American artists.
Caidin-Johnson Nonsense edits at television shows for young children, Looney Tunes articles, and topics related to Happy Tree Friends; also known for hoaxing at List of Crayola crayon colors. Obsessed with inflatable, bursting, popping, and bouncing objects.
CaMI!oWave2015 Genre warring from Colombia IPs, starting in 2013 to change genres without discussion or references.
Caribbean music vandal Copyright violations, misrepresented sources, original research, and promotion of several bands.
Catcreekcitycouncil Prolific sockpuppeter with over 500 socks which inserts hoaxes about lions existing in Montana.
Cause of death vandal UK-based user blocked many times for disruption at biographies, changing to false dates or adding irrelevant information.
Cebr1979 Personal attacks, harassment, and a generally combative attitude toward other editors.
Charliewolf79 Long term pattern of disruptive edits and sockpuppetry, centred around the article Game of Death and related articles.
Chipmunks vandal Adding trivial details about covers by fictional bands, especially Alvin and the Chipmunks, as well as Glee TV performances.
Christian2941 Known for adding deliberate factual errors on Philippine-related articles, and for persistent sockpuppetry. Usernames typically follow a predictable pattern, such as RMxxxx or Southern Wear 201.
ColourWolf A prolific Singaporean sockpuppeteer known for deliberately inserting fake storylines into TV shows produced by MediaCorp, Singapore's national television broadcaster.
Country music category vandal from Tennessee Uses primarily Tennessee IPs to target country music topics, adding inappropriate categories, usually to biographies.
Cow cleaner 5000 Targets articles related to Weekly Shōnen Jump, and Justin Knapp. Seems to have a fixation on linking these to terrorist groups or finding ways to link them to non existent controversies.
Date-changing vandal from Guatemala Frequently changes release dates and track lengths or albums and singles without a reliable source, and ignores the manual of style regarding music.
Date-changing vandal from Malaysia Long-term Malaysian date vandal mainly active on biographies of government officials.
Date-changing vandal from Poland IP editor from Poland, who changes dates in music articles. Also active at Polish Wikipedia.
Date-changing vandal from Santiago IP editor from Santiago, Chile, who changes dates in music and automobile articles. Also active at Spanish Wikipedia.
David Beals Inserts random images of ceiling fans into any articles, and even links to videos of them. He also has a tendency to randomly thank certain Wikipedia users. At the same time, while on Commons, he will load a ventilator/ceiling fan image over any medium or high use image that he targets.
De la lombertie Disruptive editing, mostly about France or art; poor machine translations from French. Also active on French Wikipedia.
Denver LTA Blanking Denver radio stations, Chili's, Bennigan's, other.
Dog and rapper vandal General disruption on articles relating to dogs and rappers.
DPeterson Persistent sockpuppetry and unencyclopedic/COI/POV editing on topics related to Attachment therapy, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and related articles, social areas such as abortion and child sexual abuse, sneaky vandalism, promotional "cites", promotion of individuals and institutes in these areas, and BLP attacks + WP:BATTLEground on real-world opponents such as Advocates for Children in Therapy ("ACT"). Also edits and socks in other unrelated areas.
Eeeeeewtw Long-term abuse including removal of reliable sources from Taiwan-related articles. Also makes IP edits to bypass inspection and hides this POV-pushing changes behind fake edit summaries such as "minor edit", "repair vandalism" or "revert to good version". Also vandalism on talk page and removal of sockpuppeteer template.
Europeanhematology WP:REFSPAM: IPs geolocating to Czech Republic or Slovakis adding references using {{PMID}} with no author information; once expanded the references are always to Mraz, M and/or Pospisilova, S.
Fangusu Ongoing copyright violations and violations of the image use policy, frivolous WP:ANI complaints against users who revert her, and repeated unblock requests.
Folkestone music vandal User who edits from Folkestone IPs and makes minor changes to music articles violating WP:MOS.
Frenchie vandal Disruptive changes to rapper biographies, especially Frenchie (rapper), general music articles, and film articles.
Friends vandal Vandalism on articles related to the television show Friends. Persistently introduces factual errors regarding the relationship statuses of the characters.
Gabriella~four.3-6 Long-term abuse of spamming and creating many nonsense redirects relating to Monster High.
Gabucho181 Block evasion and persistent vandalism to television network and programme-related articles and harassment/trolling.
Geraldine Edwards hoax from San Diego Perpetrating a hoax, both on- and off-wiki, that the last girlfriend of singer Robert Palmer was someone named Geraldine Edwards.
German reference desk troll Frequents reference desks as an anonymous user from 84.* or 88.* range (geolocated in Essen and Bochum, Germany), and asks fairly difficult open-ended questions, targeted to waste other people's time. Also, creates or requests creation of implausible redirects, usually with vulgar or double entendre meanings.
Googie man Long-term block evasion and persistent disruptive edits to Saturday Night Live-related season articles.
Guangzhou IP vandal Creates articles with administrator/rollbacker's usernames in Chinese Wikipedia and redirects many pages to Main Page.
Hanoi vandal Fabricates musical collaborations between targets of interest.
Hanover Research For-profit organization from the Greater Washington, D.C., area who posts biased poltical analyses.
HarveyCarter Long term persistent sockpuppeteer, edit warrior, vandal.
Hassan Guy Chronic sockpuppeteer out of Oman & Libya who disrupts articles related to Pakistan Armed Forces with Pro Pakistani bias
HENRY APPLEGATE Cross-wiki sockpuppeteer known for writing nonsense attack pages in userspace, alluding to Philippine celebrities or local insurgent and/or organised crime groups.
Hydro dot net Edit warring with unsourced content and misrepresenting sources, frequently about an alleged hijack of the "" domain name.
I B Wright Creating false consensus; POV-pushing about railways.
Iloveartrock Changing genres and categories at rock music articles, and extensive edit warring.
I Love Bridges Hoax-editing bridge articles, with multiple socks and IPs.
Incorrigible Troll Harassment of Purplebackpack89 with a whole bunch of accounts.
India Against Corruption sock-meatfarm Large group of sock and meat puppets disrupting India Against Corruption and related articles since late 2012, sometimes self-referring as "the HRA1924 network". Extensive use of legal threats directed at both the WMF and individual editors. Engage in serious harassment, both on- and off-wiki.
Indonesian "stub"-related vandalism Long-term performer of "test"-like edits that introduces deliberately incorrect tags and harasses editors.
Ineedtostopforgetting Puffery, POV pushing, and edit warring on subjects related to Singapore.
Italian Anime Vandal IP-jumping vandal with a history of cross-wiki crystal balling information about anime dubs. Has also made up hoaxes regarding Digimon series.
ItsLassieTime This user has been banned from editing wikipedia, with over 150 sockpuppet accounts and a CCI that encompassed over 700 articles. Edits a wide range of articles, but ones on children's literature and TV shows of the 1950s and 1960s in particular. Also has an interest in topics related to the American West. Has a penchant for being quick to attack anyone who disagrees with his/her edits and editing pattern is a problem due to frequent copyvio, close-paraphrasing and other misuse of source material. Tends to create usernames related to topics that account is editing and claim a different, often sympathy-invoking, persona for each. Recent socking has focused on making dozens of accounts with a few edits each and trolling, personal attacks, and harassment. Sockpuppets have been blocked in 2009–2018.
JarlaxleArtemis/Grawp Massive vandalism and trolling to multiple articles and users. Was globally banned in 2019 by the Wikimedia Foundation for his repeated m:Terms of Use violations.
Jermboy27 Vandal attacking road sign and TV-related articles. Vandalism scheme involves abusive use of multiple accounts and IP vandalism.
JeSuisBilly Known for "anti-anime" edits across several Philippine TV and Korean drama related articles.
JI Hawkins Inserts vandalism regarding government conspiracies. Despite the wide range of articles vandalized, most of them are related to Harland Sanders. User typically vandalizes both the article page and the talk page. IP range traces to Research In Motion.
John Daker Hoaxing and impersonation.
Joseph kargbo Adding "Joseph kargbo" to lists of musicians, and "Work for Dreams" or "Dreamland" to lists of record labels. Also active at the French Wikipedia.
Karmaisking This user has been indefinitely blocked for vandalism, personal attacks, soapboxing, and sockpuppeteering. He often uses multiple sockpuppets. Aliases have included User:Lagrandebanquesucre, User:KeynesianCounterfeiters, User:KarmasBlackSwan, User:Rememberkarma, User:Timothymak, User:TimothyDon-HughMak. Edits pages related to fractional reserve banking, Austrian school of economics, and libertarian-related issues. Often leaves insulting or misleading edit summaries, and sometimes claims to be a new user.
Keegscee Banned user from RationalWiki who persistently harasses people with opposing political views or whom he otherwise dislikes, and encourages vandals to vandalize other wikis that he dislikes.
Kenny Loggins vandal This person puts false material into music articles, targeting mostly artists who were first active in the 1960s through the 1970s.
Komail Shayan Adds the name "Komail Shayan" to Indian film articles as a supposed soundtrack composer.
Korean hanja/"sexdoll" LTA IP-hopping anon from South Korea deletes hanja across numerous actor articles against consensus and vandalizes pages with phrases such as "sex" or "sexdoll".
Krisdegioia Edits relating to Kris Degioia and related topic areas: cyberstalking, cyberbullying, cyber crimes, etc. krisdegioia (talk · contribs) has been banned by the Wikimedia Foundation from editing Wikimedia sites consistent with the Terms of Use. Suspected socks should be tagged and reported to SPI for confirmation. When reporting, please link to this long-term abuse report. Notify the Support & Safety team regarding any incidents at [email protected].
KuhnstylePro Creates hoax articles about made-up TV shows and vandalizes cleanup templates.
Lagoo sab Attacks and reports editors who work in the India–Pakistan–Afghanistan topic area.
Laredo AM power vandal Edits power levels used by AM radio stations in and around Laredo, Texas.
Lightbringer (usurped - blocked) A stubborn user who has extremely POV and fringe beliefs regarding freemasonry. He repeatedly edit wars through sockpuppets to insert his beliefs into all freemasonry-related articles, and steadfastly refuses to engage in discussions or negotiate his poorly sourced (and often wildly incorrect) edits.
Link Smurf Serial sockpuppetry and harassment; serial vandalism on Interstate Highway System and other articles, usually using the fake word "eolgi"
Lpkids2006 Massive vandalism on Philippine media.
Maelbros Known for hoaxes and other patent nonsense on articles pertaining to children's media.
Malusia22 Targets articles pertaining to Filipino gangs, and fabricates hoaxes about them.
Mangoeater1000 A vandal who moved pages to inappropriate names. After getting indefinitely blocked for fourth-offense sockpuppetry, he continued to edit using many sockpuppets. His contributions typically focus on tendentious editing regarding NYU Poly and Cal Poly Pomona.
MariaJaydHicky Persistent sockpuppeteer and banned editor that adds unsourced/poorly sourced content.
Marquis de la Eirron Targets politics and politicians, primarily British and occasionally American; also uploads files that have copyright concerns, and labels certain individuals as LGBT without using reliable sources
Martial arts vandal Disrupts martial arts-related films, especially (but not limited to) Hong Kong action films. Engages in genre warring, extensive edit warring, sock puppetry, and block evasion.
Mattisse Contributor who had difficult interactions with several other established users. Has regularly resorted to socking to evade scrutiny and carry on grudges with other editors.
Mexican media image vandal Adds logos with poor syntax to the articles of Mexican media outlets.
Michigan IP Overlinking in articles, especially in the topic area of climate change.
Montreal music vandal Wrong songwriting credits.
Motorsports and Japan LTA Pro-Japanese, anti-Korean edits in the topic area of motorsports; edit warring and disparaging others' knowledge of English.
Muhammad Samiuddin Qazi Chronic sockpuppeteer (including IPs), Urdu/Pakistan POVPUSHING on a multitude of articles, templates, cats etc. especially language (Hindustani, Urdu, Hindi etc.) and Indian/Pakistan entertainment related articles.
Muppets LTA Two users from the United States, (one from Indiana typically on Frontier, one from California typically on Comcast) persistently adding indiscriminate lists focused on "Background Muppets" or "Background characters" or "Muppet cameos" or "Not Featured Muppets" across a wide variety of articles related to The Muppets. Active circa mid-2015 to present (2017).
MusicLover650 Disruption to music related articles.
My Royal Young Massive vandalism on US Navy ships, Encantadia articles and some talk pages. After being blocked on English Wikipedia, he continues to do cross-wiki vandalism.
Nangparbat Chronic sockpuppeteer who primarily attacks and disrupts articles on India-Pakistan-Afghanistan Military History with a Pro-Pakistani bias.
Nate Speed Long-term sockpuppeteer known for treating Wikipedia as his own sandbox for which to preserve his version of articles on studios and entertainment that he targets. Slings semi-censored expletives and insults at anyone who gets in his way in messages and email, even if it's by reverting his edits, and will demand said editors put his version back. Notorious for writing out Internet "punches" as well as a bunch of exclamation points in his messages and emails.
New Order vandal IP-hopping editor from Japan who primarily vandalizes New Order- and 808 State- related articles. This vandal mostly engages in genre warring, extensive edit warring, opinion pushing, personal attacks and spamming on talk pages. Also occasionally interchanges article contents and pictures.
Nikita Persistent edits and edit requests related to certification and sales inflation of Green Day and The Who articles and other abuse by globally blocked and locally banned user Никита-Родин-2002.
Nipponese Dog Calvero Trolling, personal attacks, harassment, creating attacking or confusing accounts and pages. He is more active on east Asian projects, such as Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese Wikipedia.
NoCal100 Anti-Muslim, anti-semitic edit warrior who edits mostly about cinema and Middle Eastern international politics.
Nsmutte Personal attacks, impersonating other editors, community banned
Orangemoody 381 sockpuppet accounts blocked, mostly undisclosed paid editors, and 210 articles deleted in late August 2015. Received media attention.
Otto4711 Block evader who edits primarily in LGBT and American television topics, and their categories.
Philm540 Adding unreferenced information to articles about military aircraft.
PhilthyBear Disruptive editing of Canada related topics, attacks on editors in those topic areas.
Projects Talk-page harassment in the topic area of the Iraq War.
Qwertywander Addition of usually unsourced POV text attributing items in Asian culture to the Chutiya kingdom. Characteristic behaviour includes edit summaries characterising reversion of edits as vandalism. Multiple sock puppets and IPs.
Ref Desk Antisemitic Troll Antisemitic vandalism in both articles and on the Reference Desk, and rapid, bot-like vandalism across the site.
Rgalo10 A problematic user who adds lots of problematic content, makes many personal attacks, and speaks gibberish. Blocked for legal threats and has now made many sockpuppets in a short time.
Richard Daft Personal attacks, harassment, legal threats, vandalism to WP:CRICKET, prolific sockpuppetry with 120 socks to date. Modus operandi:- targeting mostly cricket articles edited primarily by three members of the cricket project, often vandalising the page with personal attacks or replacing words with immature alternatives. Often has several socks set up at once, with many more in reserve. In 2012 Daft became the subject of a site ban, having been causing disruption since 2008.
Ron liebman A vandal operating primarily out of the New York City public library open computer terminals, this user has impersonated members of baseball statistics organizations and inserted unsourced and false information into numerous baseball-related articles.
Royer2356 Adding profanity to change the meaning of sentences in articles, "good hand/bad hand" sockpuppetry.
Russian politics IP vandal This vandal is using dynamical IP addresses in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, to introduce obscentites (in Russian, transliterated Russian, and English) into articles on Russian politicians, as well as using obscene edit summaries to these edits.
Sandbox troll Disruptive editing at sandbox pages; hostility toward users who act against them.
Sapah3 A user usually editing out of Australia making highly POV edits relating to articles about Asia, specifically genetics and ethnicities.
Satt 2 Tendentious editing about Georgia (country), especially its geographic location and placement.
Schwabacher vandal Spams articles on digital wallet products with text like "Electronic Wallet, Digital Wallet, Mobile Wallet, intellectual property of Gaston Schwabacher, the number of patent PI 9500345." Major targets include Osaifu-Keitai, Lemon Wallet, Google Wallet, and digital wallet.
Scibaby Disruption concerning global warming.
Scottish12345678 Reverts foreign relations articles to fit their preferred version.
SEFPRODUCTIONS Promotion of the films of non-notable British filmmaker Paul Easter.
Slowking4 Determined to set things right, focusing on adding images to biographies and participating in editing drives. Edits are regularly poor in attribution, and has historically been violating our non-free content policy. Uses strong language and personal attacks when being confronted.
Snuffereet Modus operandi is hard to describe, but obvious when found. Fond of nonsense made-up words, such as "ba-limp" and various attempts at onomatopoeia. Edits an extremely eclectic but relatively limited array of articles such as The Portsmouth Herald, Joel Gertner, Emilio Delgado, Bert (Sesame Street), Candlepin bowling, Losin' Myself, Jon Bauman. Only consistent area of focus is National Wrestling Federation and various wrestlers' articles, especially Andre the Giant. Vandalism is low-volume but very persistent. Often gets verbally aggressive when discovered or reverted, but gives up fairly quickly—until the next time. Often blanks his socks' user talk pages to remove warnings and block notices.
Stubes99 Copyright violations and harassment of other editors, especially regarding the history of Hungary.
Supreme Genghis Khan Persistent trolling and large-scale vandalism, often referencing Genghis Khan and on articles related to Mongolia.
Szm020730 Image flag vandal, adding hoax flags to articles about places. Mostly edits with IP.
Taiki0409 Massive Vandalism as Beauty Queen Pageants, Anime and Tokusatsu and etc. But Created as Hoaxes and Vandalism to User and User talk Pages as Blatant misuse of Wikipedia as a web host.
Techno genre warrior from Greece This is a genre warrior from Greece who concentrates on music articles that are related to EDM, house, big beat, breakbeat, Eurodance, trance, etc. Without ever referencing a published source, the person frequently adds "techno" to the genre parameter of an infobox, or replaces existing genres with "techno".
Techwriter2B Stalks and harasses editors using many IP addresses.
Teenage Fairytale Dropouts vandal A frequent vandaliser of Wikipedia for several years. Most of their edits involve adding false, unsourced and/or dubious information about the Children's television program Teenage Fairytale Dropouts. They predominantly target the articles, So Fresh and So Random! as well as the associated pages of these articles.
Thai gun hoaxster The Thai gun hoaxster is an IP editor that adds user entries in firearm articles usually with false references taken from legitimate entries in the same or other articles. Sometimes, he just makes up ref names. He uses IP addresses from Thailand and has been active since at least 2017.
The Fresh Beat Band Persistent spamming related to The Fresh Beat Band, impersonator.
Thomas.alrasheed Obvious vandalism and falsification of birth dates and filmographies across multiple articles.
Tim Zukas Poor copyediting attempts at articles about rail or air transportaion. Often edits logged out.
Tirgil34 Fringe editing about Central Asian history, Proto-Indo-European culture, and the Turkic peoples, and personal attacks.
Tokyo Metro 6000 series Massive vandalism related to public transport (buses and trains) on articles, including Ralph Breaks the Internet. After being blocked on English Wikipedia, he continues to do cross-wiki vandalism.
TV5Ozamiz Persistent addition of hoaxes pertaining to Filipino media, malls, and films.
TyrusThomas4lyf This user is a persistent sock-puppeteer who had his account blocked indefinitely in May 2007 for repeated personal attacks and edit warring on NBA-related articles, despite numerous warnings and attempts to mediate. For a summary of this user's past behavior, see the

RFC and his talk page User talk:TyrusThomas4lyf. Since his block, he has repeatedly attempted to subvert the block by resorting to sock-puppetry.

UnderArmourKid Vandalizes Aflac, Office Depot, Under Armour. Themes include 9/11, aviation, cyclones, moon landing conspiracies, Geometry Dash, NASCAR, Santiago (Chile).
Universe Daily (No connection with website Universe Today) — Massive deceptive linkspam; personal attacks.
Urbanuntil Persistent sockpuppeteer on Mexico-related pages.
The UPN Vandal Adds hoax information to articles pertaining to television and film, especially children's media.
VaughanWatch POV pushing on subjects related to Vaughan, Ontario.
Velenje vandal Editor who uses widely distributed open proxy IPs to edit articles related to the Slovenian towns of Velenje, Trbovlje, and Jesenice.
Vnisanian2001 Habitually adds WP:OR to articles; fails to meet WP:IDHT and WP:COMPETENCE; exhibits WP:BATTLE behavior.
Voice Cast Vandal Adds hoax information to film and television articles and their associated actors with cross-referencing.
Vote (X) for Change Trolls user and project talk pages, superficial discussion disputes but with incorrect and misleading information.
Weathereditor Made unsourced changes to articles relating to weather and locations in the United Kingdom. Once other editors started reverting the unsourced changes made by the user, sockpuppets will undo those reversions.
Wickwack Trolling and impersonation at reference desks.
Wikidestruction vandal British Wikipedia vandal who constantly vandalizes articles relying on Now! That's What I Call Music, a large number of different musical artists, and some video game articles. User tends to "identify" the edits they reverse as "good faith edits", despite often being constructive contributions to the article.[1][2] The user occasionally pleads for other editors who repeatedly revert their nonconstructive edits, via edit summaries.[3][4]
Wexperts Service that protects other businesses' interests on Wikipedia.
Wikiexplorer13 Chronic sockpuppeteer who particularly engages in the pursuit and harassment of a number of users (Capitals00, D4iNa4, Razer2115, Raymond3023, MBlaze Lightning and Adamgerber80—to name a few) by reverting any edits that they have made until he gets blocked.
Wikinger Adds false information related to the Greek alphabet and to its related minor characters. Also impersonates other LTAs and sockmasters.
WorldCreaterFighter Mainly attacks articles within the realms of history, genetics, and linguistics as it concerns nations and ethnic groups throughout Asia, with a particular emphasis on topics that concern Turkey, Korea, and Japan.
Yaysmay15 Targets Philippine history timeline articles, adds non-notable sensationalist events (and created articles for some of them), plus edit-warring, sockpuppetry and (at one instance) threats. Originally used the user name "Vince daryl falcunitin", he was soon blocked in 2016. Was the subject of complaints by Tambayan Philippines members, especially Hariboneagle927 and Blake Gripling (Blakegripling ph). Inactive since 2019, but still likely to be editing through IPs.
Zhoban Adds unreliable sources to Islamic terrorism articles, while acting in an uncivil manner towards other editors. Abuses multiple accounts and IP addresses.

Full list

For a full list of all the vandals (where all of the entries are shown on one page), please click here. Note that some usernames will appear as "Full" until clicking the [edit] link which leads to the individual subpage.