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Several members of two Delphi forums (see Donors) have generously donated to Wikipedia the photographs they personally took. They have permitted the Wikipedians to upload, and if necessary, modify the photos to suit the purpose as Wikipedia's article illustrations.



The donors were greeted with requests similar to Wikipedia:Boilerplate request for permission, and were given the link to Wikipedia:Text of the GNU Free Documentation License for their interest.

The two forums, some of whose members are active in both, are:

The forums' members who have shared their photos with Wikipedia are:

In chronological order...
  1. Murray "Merman," user PSYOP54: TTP and GLD member
  2. Sue "SueZoo" or "Zoo," user ZOO39: TTP member
  3. Fran and Gary "FRAN," user Frances624: TTP member

For their explicit written statement of sharing, see section "Communications" below.

Photo listings[edit]

There are about 100 photos in this collection. For ease of naviagtion of the currently usable photos, the hostess of TTP, User 1DRAGONES (Lady Dragoness), has made an index (No logging-in required.)

The uploaded[edit]

Currently, the pictures that have been uploaded to Wikipedia include:

Some were renamed in accordance to the policy of having a descriptive image name.

Please do not re-upload the above images.


The following message is to be included on all photos found in the forums, taken by those members listed in section "Donors" above:

This photo is a part of the [[Wikipedia:Plant photo collection I]].


Direct reference to the donor's name are need for the following photographers:

  • Currently none required.

Unless stated otherwise above, the photographer has indicated that no personal references is needed. (For statements, see "Communications" below.)


The following are the part of the correspondence where the donors stated exactly and explicitly declaring their consents in allowing Wikipedia to use their works.


From Murray to all forum users:

Anyone is welcome to download one of these graphics and size, crop, tube or alter as they wish.

From Menchi to Murray:

Could the Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia ( ), in which I am involved, be allowed to use your spectacular photos on its articles as helpful illustrations? You will be given credit, of course, unless you wish to maintain anonymity.
Information written in Legalese can found here:

From Murray to user:Menchi:

Sir, I am truly honored by your request.
I have briefly visited your web site and it looks like a very fine one.
Yes, please use any of my Flora graphics posted here for the enjoyment and education of others. Please make note that 2 or 3 of the graphics I posted are from another web site and I made note of that site.
I am not a professional photograher. I just have a good camera, good software, good subjects and a little patience. I need no credit for the pictures. Share them with the world. Though, I retain the right to use them as I wish.
Thank you for coming by to visit. I hope that you view the other lovely pictures in this thead.


From Menchi to all forum members:

Which other members do you think would be willing to let the encyclopedia use their photos as well?

From Sue to Menchi:

You may use any of the ones I've posted as well.

From Menchi to Sue: you simply wish to be identified on the photo description pages as a member on this forum, or would you like to be mentioned by name on each image description page?

From Sue to Menchi:

that'll do me... whatever is the minimum... not in this for fame or fortune LOL just feeding my graphics appetite.

Fran and Gary[edit]

From Menchi to all forum members:

For content, see above

From Fran to Menchi:

All have my permission to use any of the flora photo's that I have posted in the Tube Trading Post in anyway you see fit as long as it's done in a tasteful way.

From Menchi to Fran:

But do you wish to be identified as part of this TTP-Wikipedia project, like Sue and Murray have chosen to? Or do you wish to be explicitly mentioned by name on each and every image description pages of your photos?

From Fran to Menchi:

Whatever is easiest. You can do it the same way as Murray and Sue. :o)