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Administrator instructions

If you suspect sockpuppetry by an administrator, or if you need to submit off-wiki evidence for some other reason, you must email the CheckUser team to open an investigation. Private information, emails, logs, and other sensitive evidence must not be posted on Wikipedia. All evidence related to a sockpuppet investigation must otherwise be posted on the designated page.
What is a sockpuppet?

This page is for requesting that we investigate whether two or more Wikipedia accounts are being abusively operated by the same person.

Before opening an investigation, you need good reason to suspect sockpuppetry.

  1. Evidence is required. When you open the investigation, you must immediately provide evidence that the suspected sock puppets are connected. The evidence will need to include diffs of edits that suggest the accounts are connected. (This requirement is waived if the edits in question are deleted; in this case just provide the names of the pages that the accounts have been editing.)
  2. You must provide this evidence in a clear way. Vaguely worded submissions will not be investigated. You need to actually show why your suspicion that the accounts are connected is reasonable.

Investigations are conducted by a clerk, who will compare the accounts' behaviour and determine whether they are probably connected; this is a behavioural evidence investigation. Upon request, investigations can also be conducted by a CheckUser, who can look at the physical location of the accounts (and other technical data) in order to determine how likely it is they are connected; this is a technical evidence investigation.

Due to Wikipedia's CheckUser policy, CheckUsers will conduct a technical investigation only if clear, behavioural evidence of sockpuppetry is also submitted; if you ask for technical evidence to be looked at but do not provide behavioural evidence, the investigation may not be allowed to proceed. Additionally, CheckUsers will not publicly connect an account with an IP address per the privacy policy except in extremely rare circumstances.

How to open an investigation:

To open an investigation (or case), enter the user name (or if there isn't one, IP address) of the oldest-created account (the "sockmaster"), or the previous case name, in the box below, then click "Submit". Note: Do not include "User:" or any other commentary.

For example, if the case name is about User:John Doe or a prior case was at Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/John Doe, you should enter John Doe in the box below.

You will then be taken to another page containing a form you must complete to open the investigation. The process for opening a subsequent investigation on the same user is the same as for creating a new case. Again, do not include "User:" in any of the sock or ip fields.

If you also wish a CheckUser to investigate, change |checkuser=no to |checkuser=yes in the edit box on the next page and explain why you are requesting it.

Note: You can also open an investigation using Twinkle if you are autoconfirmed. After installing Twinkle, an "ARV" option will appear in the "TW" tab on any user, user talk, or user contributions page. Clicking on this option and selecting either "Sockpuppeteer" or "Sockpuppet" will allow you to fill in a few simple fields to file a report. The report will be automatically formatted for you.

If you are an anonymous (IP address) editor, and the case page is protected or does not exist, please click "show" to the right and use the box below

Cases currently listed at SPI

Investigation Status Filer Date filed Last user edit timestamp Last clerk/CU edit
Addie293 CU completed Prolix Jan 14 Oshwah Jan 14 18h37 UTC Oshwah
Amrapahal Pahanswan CU completed Fylindfotberserk Aug 22 Oshwah Jan 18 21h49 UTC Oshwah
ArmanAfifeh CU completed Spiderone Jan 21 Davidwr Jan 23 15h41 UTC
Bonnar212 CU completed Destroyeraa Nov 24 MarioJump83 Jan 16 23h57 UTC GeneralNotability
Charlie Bostoner CU completed Sseevv Jan 9 TheSandDoctor Jan 12 04h50 UTC Oshwah
Cheralaathan CU completed Suneye1 Jan 20 Oshwah Jan 20 17h10 UTC Oshwah
Farhanfaroo CU completed Drm310 Jan 11 Oshwah Jan 12 19h58 UTC Oshwah
FFA P-16 CU completed BilCat Jan 22 GeneralNotability Jan 24 02h30 UTC GeneralNotability
Gatitoamr12 CU completed Geraldo Perez Jan 19 Oshwah Jan 19 01h34 UTC Oshwah
Geographyinitiative CU completed Firestar464 Jan 11 Oshwah Jan 12 20h03 UTC Oshwah
Ghoshpreet singh CU completed Fylindfotberserk Jan 16 Fylindfotberserk Jan 26 08h55 UTC Oshwah
Giriprasad Damodar 02 CU completed Ravensfire Jan 13 Oshwah Jan 14 23h58 UTC Oshwah
GoatMans CU completed Tbhotch Jan 9 Oshwah Jan 9 22h56 UTC Oshwah
HariSinghw CU completed Fitindia Jan 22 Mz7 Jan 23 23h09 UTC Mz7
Ineedtostopforgetting CU completed Canucklehead Aug 8 Vanjagenije Jan 24 20h59 UTC Vanjagenije
James135789 CU completed Nathan2055 Jan 17 Oshwah Jan 19 01h41 UTC Oshwah
Johnadamsdoesnthavearealjobanyway CU completed Njd-de Jan 8 Jack Frost Jan 11 10h10 UTC Oshwah
Joshi punekar CU completed Fylindfotberserk Oct 27 Oshwah Jan 14 09h29 UTC Oshwah
Karagory CU completed Robert McClenon Jan 5 BlackcurrantTea Jan 19 17h49 UTC Oshwah
Karoly Mazak CU completed JayBeeEll Jan 12 Oshwah Jan 12 20h08 UTC Oshwah
Kk Brsr CU completed Bearcat Dec 16 Ponyo Jan 7 20h13 UTC Ponyo
Knightrises10 CU completed Sir Sputnik Nov 3 Tatupiplu Jan 9 16h07 UTC TonyBallioni
Korvex CU completed Tgeorgescu Jan 16 Oshwah Jan 19 02h11 UTC Oshwah
Kzl55 CU completed Jul 11 Oshwah Jan 19 21h14 UTC Oshwah
LivingMuse CU completed JalenFolf Jan 21 Oshwah Jan 21 03h37 UTC Oshwah
Lordwhatfools CU completed GeneralNotability Jan 26 CaptainEek Jan 26 08h18 UTC GeneralNotability
Managerjamesh CU completed Praxidicae Jan 7 Oshwah Jan 7 18h51 UTC Oshwah
MarcoLorch CU completed GeneralNotability Jan 26 CaptainEek Jan 26 08h12 UTC GeneralNotability
Mojtaba2361 CU completed DannyS712 Jan 14 CaptainEek Jan 15 20h13 UTC Oshwah
NhatMinh1701 CU completed MarkH21 Jan 16 MarkH21 Jan 19 02h17 UTC Oshwah
NoCal100 CU completed MastCell Oct 6 Onceinawhile Jan 13 15h37 UTC Oshwah
OnlyTruthShallPrevail CU completed Heba Aisha Jan 16 Oshwah Jan 19 02h15 UTC Oshwah
PapazaTaklaAttıranİmam CU completed Wario-Man Nov 9 Oshwah Jan 13 02h07 UTC Oshwah
Politialguru CU completed Czello Jan 19 El C Jan 21 17h22 UTC Oshwah
Rakhi Das CU completed Praxidicae Sep 28 Oshwah Jan 19 21h21 UTC Oshwah
Ryancoke1978 CU completed Possibly Jan 14 Blablubbs Jan 21 14h56 UTC Oshwah
Sapah3 CU completed AbsorbedLastage Nov 16 ShelteredCook Jan 14 01h45 UTC Oshwah
Sloppyjoes7 CU completed Blablubbs Jan 23 TonyBallioni Jan 23 16h08 UTC TonyBallioni
Smokva26 CU completed Wario-Man Dec 9 Oshwah Jan 19 21h26 UTC Oshwah
Sounderk CU completed MrOllie Jan 15 AnomieBOT Jan 26 07h08 UTC Oshwah
TerentiusNew CU completed Capitals00 Sep 2 Auxentios Jan 16 10h59 UTC Oshwah
The truth must prevail CU completed KindCowboy69 Jan 10 KindCowboy69 Jan 11 03h15 UTC NinjaRobotPirate
Trust Is All You Need CU completed MarioGom Aug 4 Mz7 Jan 23 22h04 UTC Mz7
VentureKit CU completed Blablubbs Dec 3 MarioGom Jan 25 22h50 UTC Oshwah
Viralvilla CU completed Tiven2240 Jul 11 Oshwah Jan 15 01h47 UTC Oshwah
Weareme234 CU completed Onel5969 Nov 24 Power~enwiki Jan 17 07h28 UTC Oshwah
WiktorLinus CU completed GSS Jan 19 GSS Jan 22 15h37 UTC Oshwah
Adhithya Kiran Chekavar CU requested Jan 22 Jan 22 17h32 UTC
Agt2008fan CU requested Njd-de Jan 24 Bonadea Jan 26 11h59 UTC Dreamy Jazz
Albertaont CU requested Normchou Jan 24 Normchou Jan 25 15h59 UTC
Andouille Queen CU requested GPL93 Jan 25 GPL93 Jan 25 01h20 UTC
Android 1123581321 CU requested Pahunkat Jan 16 Pahunkat Jan 24 20h46 UTC Dreamy Jazz
Ashkan1399 CU requested Spiderone Jan 24 Spiderone Jan 24 19h11 UTC
Blaine2020 CU requested Blablubbs Jan 26 Blablubbs Jan 26 00h14 UTC
Chobber Sidhu0 CU requested CptViraj Oct 26 Operator873 Jan 24 04h40 UTC
DJdjPollard15 CU requested Flix11 Jan 19 Black Kite Jan 25 22h40 UTC
Elstonjoseph CU requested Walrus Ji Jan 24 Walrus Ji Jan 24 19h45 UTC
EuanB2000 CU requested Scorpions13256 Jan 24 Scorpions13256 Jan 24 19h12 UTC
Exclusivenoob CU requested CommanderOzEvolved Jan 26 CommanderOzEvolved Jan 26 11h58 UTC
Firestar9990 CU requested Firestar464 Jan 25 Firestar464 Jan 26 10h35 UTC
Ghoshpreet singh CU requested Fylindfotberserk Jan 16 Fylindfotberserk Jan 26 08h55 UTC Oshwah
Igallards7 CU requested Daiyusha Jan 23 Daiyusha Jan 23 03h27 UTC
Indhresh Kumar CU requested Flix11 Jan 23 Jack Frost Jan 24 03h40 UTC
Joshua's Number9 CU requested No Great Shaker Jan 22 Liz Jan 22 18h36 UTC
Mrdragon2022 CU requested RandomCanadian Jan 23 RandomCanadian Jan 23 01h04 UTC
Mucimucimuc CU requested David Gerard Jan 24 David Gerard Jan 24 22h59 UTC
Muhammadahmad79 CU requested Aman.kumar.goel Jan 26 Aman.kumar.goel Jan 26 10h21 UTC
Mztourist CU requested Andrew Davidson Jan 21 Andrew Davidson Jan 21 23h58 UTC
Otddung CU requested Vincentvikram Jan 15 MarkH21 Jan 24 01h07 UTC GeneralNotability
RinaLina CU requested Matthew hk Jan 25 Matthew hk Jan 25 13h34 UTC
Ssabathsloane CU requested MrLinkinPark333 Jan 23 MrLinkinPark333 Jan 23 17h16 UTC
VentureKit CU requested Blablubbs Dec 3 MarioGom Jan 25 22h50 UTC Oshwah
Zhmailik CU requested Lil-unique1 Nov 20 Doggy54321 Jan 22 15h00 UTC
Никита-Родин-2002 CU requested Richard3120 Sep 15 Harout72 Jan 23 02h17 UTC
2603:8000:AE44:100:906F:7FE5:98C:ABCC Declined Theleekycauldron Jan 24 Theleekycauldron Jan 26 00h10 UTC Sir Sputnik
Editor895 Declined Praxidicae Jul 28 Sir Sputnik Jan 24 21h12 UTC Sir Sputnik
DJ Devilsman Declined (CU) Magitroopa Jan 12 Magitroopa Jan 17 16h14 UTC Oshwah
TyMega Declined (CU) Binksternet Dec 17 Oshwah Jan 15 01h45 UTC Oshwah Open Valereee Dec 22 Deryck Chan Jan 26 09h52 UTC Drmies Open Dugan Murphy Jan 13 Dugan Murphy Jan 13 15h48 UTC Open David notMD Jan 22 David notMD Jan 25 22h48 UTC
90731fly Open ReaderofthePack Jan 16 ReaderofthePack Jan 23 03h36 UTC
Account10000 Open Jerm Jan 15 IceWelder Jan 22 16h41 UTC
ADITYA RAJ 1123 Open Ahmetlii Jan 22 Ahmetlii Jan 22 14h40 UTC
Ail Mohammed Open Þjarkur Jan 23 Primefac Jan 24 01h03 UTC
Alex Neman Open Dec 13 Vanjagenije Jan 14 19h44 UTC Vanjagenije
Ameliastaron12 Open Jan 23 Jan 25 14h47 UTC
Amrapahal Pahanswan Open Fylindfotberserk Aug 22 Oshwah Jan 18 21h49 UTC Oshwah
Andrija Dzambazovic Open Ssbbplayer Jan 22 Ssbbplayer Jan 22 19h56 UTC
Arunverma26 Open CptViraj Oct 14 CptViraj Jan 19 13h18 UTC
Bakir123 Open Jan 4 Kirbapara Jan 26 10h26 UTC
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Broter Open Certes Dec 18 Newslinger Jan 12 01h27 UTC
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Colemanhull Open FDW777 Jan 8 FDW777 Jan 8 15h41 UTC
Crazietunez Open SuperMarioMan Jan 16 SuperMarioMan Jan 16 12h55 UTC
D10s Maradona Open FDW777 Dec 28 FDW777 Jan 24 21h37 UTC
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Dmjoshi12 Open GSS Dec 1 GSS Jan 16 18h19 UTC
Drewpalazzolo Open Largoplazo Aug 31 Magitroopa Jan 19 02h20 UTC
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Flameboy182 Open Walter Görlitz Jan 17 BlackW76 Jan 22 04h27 UTC
G2nova Open L1A1 FAL Jan 8 L1A1 FAL Jan 8 22h05 UTC
Gaurav oragnicwellness Open Pahunkat Jan 22 Pahunkat Jan 22 10h31 UTC
Giriprasad Damodar 02 Open Ravensfire Jan 13 Oshwah Jan 14 23h58 UTC Oshwah
Grace be with you Open DrKay Jan 25 DrKay Jan 25 13h25 UTC
Gwapong Chikoy Open Walter Görlitz Jan 10 GeneralNotability Jan 16 20h33 UTC
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Inshaanshah62 Open Fylindfotberserk Jan 16 Fylindfotberserk Jan 16 12h33 UTC
IntermezzoMan Open GSS Jan 8 GSS Jan 24 18h25 UTC
Janholyjanholy Open Genericusername57 Jan 12 SineBot Jan 13 03h03 UTC
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House xChurch More info req. AmandaNP Nov 14 Cyphoidbomb Jan 19 19h30 UTC Oshwah
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Muhammad Samiuddin Qazi (sami) More info req. Uanfala Aug 20 Austronesier Jan 10 13h50 UTC Vanjagenije
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Djtechno95 On hold Binksternet Oct 24 Callanecc Jan 4 04h00 UTC Callanecc
Ryancoke2020 Awaiting clerk Berchanhimez Jan 21 Mz7 Jan 23 02h14 UTC Mz7 Closed Ezlev Jan 24 Sir Sputnik Jan 24 21h15 UTC Sir Sputnik
Adventurous City Closed Praxidicae Jan 17 NinjaRobotPirate Jan 26 03h41 UTC NinjaRobotPirate
Agt2008fan Closed Njd-de Jan 24 Bonadea Jan 26 11h59 UTC Dreamy Jazz
Android 1123581321 Closed Pahunkat Jan 16 Pahunkat Jan 24 20h46 UTC Dreamy Jazz
Bmusique99 Closed Þjarkur Dec 11 Mz7 Jan 26 02h45 UTC Mz7
CalebHughes Closed UW Dawgs Jan 20 Sro23 Jan 25 00h44 UTC Sro23
Dimpsboyno3 Closed VictorTorres2002 Jan 25 Mz7 Jan 26 02h49 UTC Mz7
Dj S UNIVERSE 'Q' Closed Jan 15 Dreamy Jazz Jan 24 22h14 UTC Dreamy Jazz
Giubbotto non ortodosso Closed Binksternet Aug 28 Mz7 Jan 25 06h11 UTC Mz7
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Jackthompson1885 Closed Dr.Swag Lord, Ph.d Jan 21 RoySmith Jan 26 03h47 UTC RoySmith
JoJo Rabbit11 Closed Tayi Arajakate Dec 21 Mz7 Jan 25 07h04 UTC Mz7
Kabiryazd Closed Spiderone Jan 22 Sir Sputnik Jan 22 21h28 UTC Sir Sputnik
Lala migos Closed M.Bitton Jan 21 Mz7 Jan 25 07h27 UTC Mz7
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Mx. Granger Closed Normchou Jan 25 Sir Sputnik Jan 26 03h45 UTC Sir Sputnik
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Otddung Closed Vincentvikram Jan 15 MarkH21 Jan 24 01h07 UTC GeneralNotability
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Xayahrainie43 Closed Deacon Vorbis Jul 30 Vanjagenije Jan 24 20h58 UTC Vanjagenije

Quick CheckUser requests

Use this section to request checkuser information relating to a situation that does not involve sock puppetry. You could use this section to request, for example:
  • Underlying IPs of an account, where the autoblock has expired or been ineffective.
  • Collateral damage checks for the informed hardblocking of IPs or ranges.
  • IP block exemption checks before granting IPBE (or to verify it is being used constructively).

For threats of harm (to self or others) you must email (see the threats of harm page) and not use this page. Requests to investigate and confirm sockpuppetry should be listed in the sockpuppet section above, and not here (such requests will be summarily removed).

To make a request here, copy the following template and paste it to the end of this section (quick link to edit) – replacing "header" with an informative title, and adding underneath the template any relevant information – then sign using "~~~~", preview, and click "save".

==== HEADER ====
* {{Checkuser|